How to perform MBOX to PST Conversion task – A Complete Guide

MBOX to PST Conversion

All the users who want to begin with the MBOX to PST conversion task and need clarification about the task are asked to read the whole blog thoroughly. Many users wish for this conversion process as ever since Outlook introduced PST has grabbed many users. Most business organizations use this Outlook PST file format to keep their data safe and secure. The data holds all the essential information, especially for large organizations that store their daily data.

Having issues with the MBOX file format is common nowadays, and most users face this issue. The Outlook PST file is the most used emailing platform, and it keeps all the data protected. Users can easily access their data whenever they want. To get more information about this conversion process, go through the blog.

Purpose to convert MBOX to PST

Many people are using different emailing platforms, but in the end, they all settled on the Outlook PST file format. This is due to the better security features and how easily accessible it is. Moreover, all the small, medium, and large enterprises rely on this email client, but those who have just started using this platform are willing to know more about the task. It has now become mandatory for users to import MBOX into Outlook, but before that, one must know why. Below, we are sharing a few reasons for this conversion process, so check it out.

  • Microsoft Outlook is very cost-effective compared to MBOX file format, so users opt for Outlook PST file format.
  • Everyone knows that performing the task with MBOX requires an RNET connection, but there is no such requirement with Outlook PST.
  • MS Outlook is way more advanced than MBOX file format, and that is why the organization prefers to perform MBOX to PST conversion tasks quickly.
  • Outlook is a Microsoft product that offers a better and more advanced security feature that ensures users keep their data safe and secure for future use.
  • Users face issues with MBOX-locked files, as they are not able to open them, but there is no such issue with Outlook PST file format.

Suggested method for MBOX to PST conversion task

Users may wonder whether they can perform the conversion task or if it will be easy. Consequently, users are at this moment informed that there are two methods: the eDiscovery method and the professional third-party tool. The task is difficult, but users can opt for their preferred method. With the manual method, users require technical knowledge, as only the technical or an IT expert can commence the task. It takes time to finish the task manually because it is time-consuming and time-consuming.

Thus, users are asked to use a professional third-party tool to finish the task successfully and get immediate results. Professionally, the task will be completed successfully, so users must decide which tool is best for them. In the following paragraph, we will show you the working of both methods.

Manually convert MBOX to PST file format.

There are a few methods to convert the MBOX file to Outlook PST through it.

Method 1- Save the MBOX emails as EML files

  • Firstly, open the MBOX email client and then select the new folder.
  • Now, create the new folder and give a name for the Afterward; select the one you want to convert to the newly created folder.
  • Once you have successfully moved all the emails, select them and click save as an option. Now, it will keep the file in EML format in any location.

Method – 2 Save the folder into the External folder

  • Visit the software installation wizard and click on the install option.
  • After you have added the add-on, restart the Thunderbird.
  • Now open Thunderbird, choose the folder and then right-click.
  • After that, from the menu option, select the import/ export tool NG>> export message in a folder, then click on EML format.
  • Lastly, choose the preferred location and save the file there.

Method 3- drag and drop the EML file into Outlook

  • Firstly, visit the folder where you have saved your EML emails.
  • After that, users are supposed to select the emails and then drag and drop them into any other folder in Outlook PST.

Method 4- Export the email file to Outlook PST

  • Open file, click on available and export, then import/ export option.
  • Next, there will be an Import/ Export option; hit the export to file option and the Next option.
  • After that, hit the Outlook data file option and click Next.
  • Now redirect to the folder where you have saved the EML files and hit the Next option.
  • After that, you can save the file to your preferred location, click on your desired option, and hit the Finish option.
  • A new PST file will now be created per your chosen location.

Method 5- MBOX to PST conversion using the email client

Convert the MBOX data to Apple mail

  • Firstly, run the apple mail in your system.
  • Click on the file option, then open the mailbox folder.
  • After that, choose the source of the MBOX file and hit the continue option.
  • After that, choose the browse option, select the MBOX file, and click on the continue option.
  • Once the process is completed, then hit the done option.

Perform MBOX to PST Conversion task with a professional tool

All the users are willing to proceed the task with professional tool, but are confused which tool to opt for to commence the task. However, users will come across various tools, but to choose the correct tool itself is a challenging task. There are many free tools accessible for users that offer free service to the users. Thus, we suggest users to try the Weeom MBOX to PST converter tool is one of the finest tools for the task. Users will get immediate results for this task, so go for it and begin it.

  • First, install the Weeom MBOX to PST converter tool in your system.
  • Now click on the add button from the ribbon bar.
  • Post that, choose the add folder section from the dialog box and hit the browse option. Then select the MBOX folder
  • After choosing the MBOX folder, click the Add folder button to proceed.
  • After that, choose the Export to Outlook PST option once the MBOX file is added.
  • Now, users are supposed to check/ uncheck the MBOX file and choose their preferred options.
  • Now, enter the required details and then click on the export option.
  • After the process is completed, the complete progress report will appear. Click the save option.


We hope the content we have shared about the whole MBOX to PST conversion task is helpful for the users. The tool we have shared is a top-notch utility; users can download its free demo version and explore every tool feature.




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