Move MBOX Files to PST for Microsoft Outlook: A Top Guide


As a result of the introduction of the PST file format by Outlook, a significant number of users are hesitant to utilize the MBOX file format. This is because users are willing to transfer their data to Outlook. The MBOX to PST converter tool is what users are looking for to get start with the work. Outlook, which is one of the most well-known emailing platforms, is use by the majority of users to save their essential data. After being please by the security features of the PST file format, customers are now interest in moving their data from the MBOX file format to the PST file format.


Considering that some email clients employ the MBOX file format, it is now essential for users to convert MBOX files to the PST file format. This particular file type is operate by Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, and Eudora to store their respective data. Because technology has gotten so extensive, people are constantly concerned about the security of their vital information. As a result, they search for a platform that can guarantee the security of their most important data. Emailing clients is mostly require by small, medium, and large businesses to manage and preserve their daily data. In light of this, they ought to use the PST file format for Outlook.

Why it is Essential to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format

After becoming familiar with the more complex capabilities of the Outlook PST file, users are now willing to transfer their data from MBOX to PST in a short amount of time. Before starting the task, it is important to be aware of the benefits that will result from continuing with the same. If you are eager to import MBOX files into Outlook, we will now discuss some advantages that customers will obtain following the completion of the MBOX to PST conversion process.

Microsoft Outlook is equipped with improved and more sophisticated security safeguards that safeguard the data for use in the future. MBOX is a file format that is easily support by Microsoft Outlook, which is also very cost-effective.

Users are required to have a reliable internet connection to access MBOX files, but users of Outlook PST files do not have to meet this criterion.

When compared to the MBOX file format, Microsoft Outlook is considered to be more advance by users. Quickly searching for a conversion tool that is ideal for Outlook is something that users should do .pst files from Outlook are easily available to people all around the world and may be accessed through any system. Additionally, it is advantageous for all organizations that operate from a variety of locations.

Suggested Method for Converting MBOX Files to PST Format

To get start on the assignment, there are two different approaches: the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Performing the process of converting MBOX files to PST files manually will result in a successful conversion; nevertheless, it will take a significant amount of time to finish the entire work. they can select the way that best suits their needs, and in the next paragraph, they will be able to see how both methods operate.

Utilizing the eDiscovery Approach, Import MBOX Files into Outlook

Using the manual method is the traditional approach to converting the data from the MBOX file format to the PST file format use by Outlook. If people wish to start the task using the manual way, they can check out the steps that are list below to start the activity for themselves.

First Method: The MBOX Emails should be save as an Email File.

•    First, launch the MBOX email client, and then select the new folder from the folder option. This will get you start on the assignment.
•    At this point, you are require to make a new folder and give it a distinctive name.
•    When you have finish that, you will require to choose the EML files that you wish to export to the newly generate file.
•    Once you have accomplish the task of moving all of the emails, pick the emails and then select the option to save them.
•    Following that, the EML files will be save in the location that you specify subsequently.
•    Two, save the emails in the external folder. This is the second method.
•    To begin, users are require to successfully install the software by selecting the install option from the menu.
•    After you have successfully install the add-on, you should then restart Thunderbird.
•    First, launch Thunderbird, then choose the folder you want to delete, and last, right-click on it.
•    Next, select the menu option and then select the Import Export tool NG. After that, export all of the messages such as within the folder, and then export them in EML format.
•    Following that, you will be prompte to select the particular spot in which you would like to save it in your EML files.

Continue with the Task by Utilizing A Professional Tool to Convert MBOX Files to PST Files.

The professional tool is require to be utilit by each user who is interest in initiating the conversion process. There is no other way to complete the entire assignment without spending a significant amount of time on it. On the internet, individuals search for tools; nevertheless. There are a great deal of tools that are available to users online. It is up to the consumers to select the tool. That is ideal for the process that they are going through. Users’ data may be compromised by certain free tools.

Therefore, users should make use of the Mailvita Software that converts MBOX files to PST files. To finish the task without any problems, it is one of the greatest utilities available.

The procedures that are list below should be followe to get start with the assignment using a professional tool.

  • You should begin by downloading and installing software that converts MBOX files to PST on both your Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • Start the program and choose the settings for the Directory Mode and the File Mode.
  • Add MBOX files, then select Browse from the menu.
  • Display the preview of the MBOX file.
  • Also, select the output option from the list: – MBOX Files, Both Single and Multiple Pages
  • Pick the PST file format as the output file type, and then choose the destination folder where you want the PST file to be save.
  • To begin the process of conversion, navigate to the “Convert” button and click on it.

Because this program is freely accessible to users all around the world. It is possible to execute the task anytime one desires easily. Regarding the task at hand, the tool is accessible around the clock, and its intuitive user interface will make the entire process straightforward. Therefore, users are request to utilize the MBOX to PST Converter program that was given to complete the task. The consumers will be able to do the activity without encountering any problems because of its numerous unique features.

In conclusion

If users are eager to begin this conversion process. They are requesting to use the Mailvita MBOX to PST Converter Tool. That we supplied in the content that was present earlier in this paragraph. If consumers are eager to begin the task using this application. They are begging to obtain the free demo edition of the utility and investigate each element of the software.



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