A World-Class Degree Awaits Masters in Netherlands

Masters in Netherlands

Among European countries, the Netherlands has earned a reputation for its excellence in higher education. Its strategic location between major global powers such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France offers geographical and economic advantages. Furthermore, the Netherlands’ commitment to open borders within the European Union member nations enhances its higher education appeal.

The primary goal of a master’s degree, regardless of the country, is to provide students with essential knowledge, analytical skills, research capabilities, and well-rounded personal development, and for international students, pursuing masters in Netherlands is an ideal choice. In this article, we will explore the factors that make studying in the Netherlands a perfect match for international students.

Why Choose the Netherlands for Post-Graduation

  1. High-Quality Education System: According to the World Population Review 2021, the Netherlands boasts one of the world’s top 10 education systems. This is a testament to the country’s commitment to delivering exceptional education for all. With a literacy rate of more than 99%, the Netherlands stands as a global leader in providing high-quality education.
  2. Top Notch Universities: For those pursuing a Master’s in the Netherlands, there’s a wide array of universities that welcome international students. An interesting fact is that one out of every ten university students in the Netherlands is an international student. Furthermore, an impressive 13 Dutch universities have secured positions in the top 400 global universities, according to the QS World University 2024 rankings.
  3. Wide Range of English-Taught Program Options: In the Netherlands, you will find a broad selection of over 2,000 programs taught in English throughout various universities. Furthermore, with 90-93% of the Dutch populace proficient in English, it’s an attractive destination for international students seeking abroad education. Moreover, many Dutch universities offer free Dutch courses, ensuring a smooth transition for international students.
  4. Availability of Scholarships: The Netherlands provides various scholarships for international students based on their course selection, academic performance, university choice, country of origin, and financial situation. This makes studying there more attractive. Some popular scholarships include:
  • Utrecht Excellence Scholarship
  • VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme
  • Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships
  • Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships
  • World Citizen Talent Scholarship
  • Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

These are just a few, there are even more scholarships to explore. To apply, check your university’s website or ask your education advisor.

  1. A Happy and Well-Connected Country: The government of Netherlands prioritizes peace and well-being by offering a strong healthcare system, a balanced work-life schedule, safety and security measures, and efficient public transportation. This focus on quality of life has made the Netherlands excel in rankings of major indices like the World Happiness Index, GDP per capita, Quality of Life, and Global Innovation Index.
  2. Fantastic Job Opportunities After Graduation: The Netherlands offers an attractive option to international students – a post-graduation work visa extending up to 1 year. This permits you to stay in the country and explore job prospects after completing your higher studies. Plus, the pay scale here is on the higher side, and you will find numerous big and major corporations operating in the Netherlands. Moreover, with its close proximity to thriving European nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy, you can explore job opportunities that suit your preferences in these countries too.

After understanding the appealing reasons of higher education in the Netherlands, let’s explore some of the popular postgraduate study fields offered in this welcoming and friendly country.

Popular Post-Graduation Study Fields in the Netherlands

Master’s Programs in the Netherlands cover a wide range of fields of study. Some popular ones among international students are listed below:

  • Agricultural Studies
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Liberal Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Resource Management
  • Sciences
  • Sports Management

These programs offer a diverse range of opportunities for international students pursuing higher study masters in Netherlands.

Top Universities for Higher Studies in the Netherlands

Here is a list of the top 10 best universities in the Netherlands for the above-mentioned fields of masters study, based on the QS World Ranking 2024. These rankings consider various important factors like the university’s reputation, student-faculty ratio, international research network, post-study employment prospects, global alumni network, etc.

University Name Rankings as per QSWR 2024
Delft University of Technology 47th
University of Amsterdam 53rd
Utrecht University 107th
Eindhoven University of Technology 124th
Leiden University 126th
University of Groningen 139th
Wageningen University & Research 151st
Erasmus University Rotterdam 176th
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 207th
University of Twente 210th

Cost to Study in the Netherlands

When you are planning to study for a master’s degree in the Netherlands, there will be various costs to consider, including your tuition fees, housing, and daily living expenses. Tuition fees can vary depending on the level of study, your chosen course, and the university you want to attend. On average, annual tuition fees may be somewhere around €11,000.

Living and housing costs can also vary based on your comfort and preferences. In the Netherlands, you have a range of housing options from basic to luxury. On average, your annual expenses for accommodation, groceries, electricity, gas, etc. may cost around €11,500. Also, the cost of a Netherlands Visa is €172.

Still wondering why study in Netherlands? Well, it’s not just about the picturesque landscapes or the fascinating windmills or the city’s long canals. This country is also home to global giants like ASML, Airbus, Universal Music Group, ING, Heineken, Philips, and more. Earning your degree from a Dutch university puts your career on a fast track and opens doors for global opportunities as well.

There’s more to it, the Netherlands is a diverse and open society, welcoming people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs from all around the world. It’s a place where harmony prevails. Picture yourself at some of the best student cities of the world, with Amsterdam leading the way as one of the most student-friendly cities. The opportunities for part-time jobs are abundant, and the locals are known for making international students feel at home.

To ensure a smooth admission process into this amazing country, consider seeking guidance from a trusted overseas educational consultant.

Your Dutch adventure awaits!

If you want more insights on  study masters in Netherlands, search for top overseas consultants and attend a free online counseling session. We hope this article was helpful, all the best.

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