Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup:guide

Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup

To enhance the wireless signal of your network, utilise the Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup. Whether you aim to extend coverage or resolve dead zone issues, the AC1300 can be highly beneficial. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide through the setup process.

Manual Setup of Linksys Velop AC1300:

The procedures to manually setup your web browser and Linksys Velop AC1300 Extender are as follows:


  • Wait for the Linksys Extender’s light to turn completely green once connected.
  • Ensure you have a wifi-capable device such as a laptop or smartphone.
  • Open any web browser, including Chrome, and enter “” or “” in the address bar.
  • Use “admin” as the username and the default password for login.
  • Enter SSID, password, and security settings under “Wi-Fi Settings.”
  • Follow provided instructions.
  • Select your current wifi network, enter the password if prompted, and proceed.
  • Relocate the extender from the area with poor internet after setup.
  • The manual setup is successful, enhancing your wifi quality.
  • With this configuration complete, you can easily connect to the internet at home and work.

Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup via WPS Method:

Enhance the coverage and performance of your existing WiFi network with the Linksys Velop AC1300 WiFi Range Extender. Setting up a reliable and secure network is quick and easy using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) settings on the extender.

  • Ensure you have an extension or router with a WPS button.
  • Plug the extender near the router.
  • Wait for the Linksys Velop AC1300 power LED to turn green.
  • Press the extender’s WPS button, then the router’s WPS button, and repeat after a short delay.
  • The extender’s WPS LED will glow solid green upon successful connection.

Linksys velop AC1300 Setup common problems

Installation of a Linksys AC1300 Wi-Fi range extender can occasionally be challenging due to a number of factors, such as compatibility, placement, and setup.  Here are some typical issues that users could run into during Linksys Velop AC1300 setup and their fixes:

  • Internet connection, but it is not working.
  • not working
  • Can’t connect to local
  • Incorrect password.
  • Utilise your account details for logging in.
  • Can’t access
  • Issues while accessing the IP address.
  • WiFi connectivity issues.
  • Netgear Genie smart setup page continues to appear even after the Linksys AC1300 Setup.
  • Forgot the Linksys Extender default password?
  • The extender’s LED lights are not stable.
  • doesn’t open.
  • On the Linksys AC1300 extender, I am unable to log in. 
  • AC1300 drops internet connectivity.
  • I can’t access Extender after the update on AC1300 Unable to update firmware.
  • Following a failed update, AC1300 is not functioning. 
  • No internet connection is present on the WiFi extender.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Try these troubleshooting techniques if you have issues  Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup:

  • Check to see if the wall socket is providing sufficient power for the Linksys velop AC1300 Extender.Ensure that the electrical outlet to which the extender is linked is working properly and is not experiencing a short circuit.
  • Access confirms that there is a strong internet connection on your device. 
  • Verify all wiring connections.Use of any damaged cables is not advised.
  • If you’re having trouble with, make sure you’ve entered the correct URL in the address bar. 
  • Try setting up your Linksys extender again after doing a power cycle.
  • When logging onto, only use the most recent version of the web browser.
  • Update the firmware on your extender to the most recent version Linksys offers.
  • restore the extender’s factory default settings.

Updating Linksys Velop AC1300 Firmware:

Keep your device up-to-date by updating the firmware, which enhances performance and functionality.

  • Connect your device to the Linksys Velop network.
  • Open a web browser and enter “” or “,” then log in.
  • Locate and follow on-screen instructions for firmware upgrade under administration or settings.
  • After locating the firmware update, click to install it.
  • Your router will reboot automatically after a brief period, saving you from manual disconnection.

Linksys Velop AC1300 Reset Process:

You can restore the Linksys Velop AC1300 system to its original settings by following these steps:

  • Locate the reset button on your device.
  • Insert a paperclip into the reset button hole and hold for ten to fifteen seconds until the side light flickers.
  • Your device will automatically reset and complete the process within a few minutes.
  • Ensure each step is followed accurately for optimal results.


In conclusion, setting up the Linksys Velop AC1300 Setup is a straightforward process using the Linksys app. With easy-to-follow instructions, users can connect nodes, customize settings, and enjoy reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout their home. Whether setting up from scratch or expanding an existing network, the Velop AC1300 provides seamless connectivity and advanced features for a smooth networking experience.


Q.What comes in the box with the Linksys Velop AC1300?

A.Typically, you’ll find one or more Velop nodes, power adapters for each node, an Ethernet cable, and any necessary documentation.

Q.How do I set up the Linksys Velop AC1300?

A.First, download and install the Linksys app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Velop network. It usually involves connecting one node to your modem and powering it on, then adding additional nodes as needed.

Q.Do I need to have a wired connection for setup?

A.While a wired connection is recommended for the initial setup, you can also set up the Velop system wirelessly through the Linksys app.

Q.Can I use the Linksys Velop AC1300 with an existing router?

A.Yes, you can use the Velop system with an existing router. You can either set it up in Bridge Mode, where it extends your existing network, or in Router Mode, where it replaces your current router.

Q.How do I add additional nodes to my Linksys Velop network?

A.Open the Linksys app and follow the instructions to add additional nodes to your network. Typically, this involves powering on the new node and using the app to detect and add it to your existing network.

 If you have any problem with your extender, you can contact our technical expert on our toll-free number (+1-323-471-3045).




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