Learn More About How The Pre Bonded Human Hair Extensions Are Made

Learn More About How The Pre Bonded Human Hair Extensions Are Made

Hair weaves and hair extensions are natural hair or artificial hair sewn or stuck together in the form of strip or flat hair extensions so that it can be placed or stuck, or sewn on your hair gaps or the areas where the hair has thinned out temporality for a few weeks and then it should be replaced by a new set of hair extension or hair weaves.

Through this article, the readers and viewers will learn about how pre-bonded human hair extensions are made, how long does it last, and what are the different types of Malaysian hair extensions available in the world. The history of human extensions or false hair wearing commonly referred to as hair wigs dates back to the Egyptian era that is around 3400 BC. Previously hair wigs or extensions were only worn by the high profile individuals of the society, especially during the Elizabethan era and Victorian era.

What do you understand by Malaysian hair weave or hair extension?

There is no such thing as a Malaysian hair wig as many of the users determine that the name of the hair weave or extension is determined by the place of origin or the human hair it has come from. In an actual sense, most of the human hair used in hair extensions or hair weaves has been collected from Brazil, India, and Cambodia which are imported by China where they wash it and mislabel it as Malaysian hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions, etc. This is the secret ingredient for the invention of the best Malaysian hair weave which are then bought by them from China and later advertised by these hair extension companies.

What do you understand by bonded hair extensions and hair weaves?

  • Hair weave or bundles refers to natural or artificial hair sewn into the human hair and lasts up to 3 to 4 months.
  • Pre-bonded or bonded hair extensions are placed professionally in a salon or parlor where your hair is previously dipped or treated inside the keratin formula. Then the hair extensions are placed on the areas required and once the solution gets absorbed, and cooled down it gets fused with the hair.

Characteristics of Malaysian hair extensions-

  • Long curls last long- the curls of this hair extension are long-lasting and do not require special maintenance or products to protect them.
  • Extremely voluminous, silky, smooth, and lustrous- this category of hair extension is very dominant and best among all the categories of hair extensions because of its free-flowing, thick volume, smooth, silky, and lustrous texture.

Types of Malaysian hair extensions or weaves-

  • Malaysian virgin Remy straight hair- this type of hair extension or weave is known for its luster, silky, long, and smooth texture.
  • Malaysian deep curly hair- this type of hair extension or weave is a strong, noodle-like s-curl, texture and lasts way too long than other hair weaves and extensions.

If you are in eager need of applying for extensions or weaves due to your experience in hair loss leading to alopecia or thinning of hair then it is recommended to first go for Malaysian hair extensions or weaves as they are high quality product and gives a natural view.



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