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Are driving lessons essential?

Driving lessons are essential to become a professional, smart and safer diver on the road. They increase your worth in driving and help you to feel confident behind the wheel. Choose the best driving school to learn top-rated driving lessons for all skill levels. Join Benche driving school and forget your stress and worry of learning how to drive. Our learning driving lessons Vancouver puts you behind the wheel and in control of your own learning curve. Get ready to start your driving journey!

Get experience with Benche driving School

Become a world-class driver at Bench  driving school and get the best learning experience of your life. We are available 24/7 with the best driving courses of class 4, 5 and 7 and our experts tell us about safety measures, defensive training and laws of the road. Moreover, we do services in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby areas. Get in touch with us and earn your driving licence with 100% success.

Benche driving lessons offer

Certified Instructors

Benche driving school provides ICBC-certified driving instructors with 17 years of experience. They trained various students in classes 4, 5, and 7 and helped to get driving lessons on their first attempt.

Flexible scheduling

Due to our flexible and presentable plan, learners and fresh-start students get to feel confident. You can easily manage your busy schedule with our flexible learning plan and pass your road test. So, join our driving lessons Burnaby and improve your skills.

Car renting service

We Elaborate Class 5 driving lesson

For those students who do not have their own car for their road test, Benche driving school provides car renting services for road driving tests at affordable rates. Therefore, please contact

Class 5 driving lessons are an essential step toward obtaining a full driver’s license in many jurisdictions. They focus on providing comprehensive training and instruction to individuals who have already acquired a learner’s permit or have completed the requirements for a lower-class license.

During Class 5 driving lessons, learners are typically guided by certified driving instructors who have extensive knowledge and experience in teaching road safety regulations, defensive driving techniques, and advanced driving skills. The lessons aim to develop the necessary competence, confidence, and understanding for safe and responsible driving on public roads.

The curriculum of Class 5 driving lessons may include the following components:

  1. Road Rules and Regulations: In-depth instruction on traffic laws, road signs, right-of-way rules, and other essential regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles.
  2. Defensive Driving Techniques: Education on defensive driving strategies, hazard perception, and proactive measures to prevent accidents and minimize risks on the road.
  3. Vehicle Controls and Maneuvers: Hands-on practice of controlling the vehicle, including steering, braking, acceleration, and negotiating various maneuvers such as parking, merging, lane changing, and turning.
  4. Urban and Highway Driving: Practical experience in navigating urban environments with heavy traffic, intersections, and pedestrian interactions, as well as exposure to highway driving, including merging, exiting, and maintaining proper speeds.
  5. Risk Assessment and Decision Making: Emphasis on developing critical thinking skills to assess road conditions, anticipate potential hazards, and make informed decisions while driving.
  6. Emergency Situations: Training on how to respond effectively to emergencies, such as collision avoidance, skid recovery, and handling adverse weather conditions.
  7. Preparing for License Examination: Guidance and practice to prepare learners for the Class 5 road test or any other examination required to obtain a full driver’s license.

Class 5 driving lessons aim to ensure that learners acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become competent and responsible drivers. The duration and structure of these lessons may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the driving school providing the training.

It’s important to remember that obtaining a driver’s license requires both theoretical knowledge and practical driving skills. Therefore, consistent practice, attentiveness, and adherence to safe driving practices are crucial even after completing Class 5 driving lessons.

Choose comprehensive Class 5 driving lesson

Choose quality class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby with our hundreds of new students. Getting a class 5 licence, you get knowledge about road signals, how vehicles operate, and other road rules and regulations. With this driving licence, you cannot operate a truck, taxi, ambulance, or motorcycle. You can only drive 2-axle vehicles and vehicles with no air brakes.

For a class 5 licence, you must pass a knowledge test and then a road test. In road tests, you must have abilities for specific tasks such as parking, reversing the car, turning, and stopping the car in emergency situations. With our comprehensive class 5 driving lessons, you can improve your abilities and decision-making skills. Additionally, you will be able to handle the situations and minimise dangers on the road.

Reason to choose Bench driving School- Qualified instructors

Bench driving School instructors are kind, patient and polite in behaviour. They teach lessons in English and Chinese languages, it is the best option for you if you teach lessons in Chinese language. Additionally, they are qualified trainers with years of experience in their job. We feel pride due to our qualified instructors and confidence with their knowledge, and teaching style that helps you to pass the road test in your first try.

We entertain many clients?

With 18 years of experience, you can entertain outstanding and top-notch driving lessons both on campus and behind the wheel. Lessons that are presentable, engaged, enjoyable and moving towards success. Therefore, learn from the best Top-rated Driving Lessons for All Skill Levels.

Success gives you a licence

With our theory and practical course, you can pass the test efficiently. Our instructors are very hardworking and our success totally depends on our instructor that helps you in class 4, 5 and 7 driving classes. Because they have years of experience in their teaching and they know how to teach every level of individuals whether you are beginner, intermediate, expert and proactive.

Book your driving lessons now

Book your driving schools near me with Benche Driving School and become a professional and experienced driver from zero, refreshers to defensive and preventative drivers on road. You can pass class 4, 5 and 7 road tests with our professional instructors skills. So. visit Benche driving school with your complete documentation and get a driving licence at the first try.


Choose the driving school that provides you top-rated driving lessons for all skill levels. Driving lessons basically enhance your driving skills and you feel more confident behind the wheel. In driving lessons, you will be able to understand the theoretical learning with practical practices on the road. Driving schools give you information about traffic signs, rules and regulations, how to handle critical situations on the road and how to reduce dangers on the road that will be safer for you or other road users.

Moreover, feel confident behind the wheel contact us at Benche Driving School, we fulfil all your needs and make you a professional driver on the road.




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