Latest Timeless Elegance of Natural Stone Flooring Tiles


When it comes to adding timeless elegance to modern spaces, natural stones are an excellent choice. They have been used for decades to create mesmerising and beautiful homes and monuments, but they lack durability. That’s why natural stone tiles have appeared in the picture which imitate the exact look of natural stones but with longevity. These pathar tiles come with their distinctiveness and earthy tones and can be a great addition to homes and commercial spaces as floorings. So, if you are planning to pay a visit to any nearby tile shop to change your flooring and add a natural aesthetic touch to your space, consider checking out natural stone floor tiles. In this blog, we will talk about the latest natural stone floor tile designs and how they can be the game changer in infusing timeless elegance into your space. 

Latest Natural Stone Floor Tile Designs 

Marble Tiles 

Marble tiles are one of the most liked natural stone tile designs and are a great substitute for those expensive natural marble slabs. They come in beautiful colours and elegant veining and can be used for flooring in every area in contemporary settings. 

Limestone Tiles 

Limestone tiles are another popular floor tile option that can provide a hint of nature in the space. With their muted earthy tones and diverse patterns, they can infuse elegance into bathrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. 

Sandstone Tiles 

Similar to limestone tiles, sandstone tiles have a fantastic natural stone tile design. These pathar tiles are available in a variety of earth tone shades with a hard textured surface. That’s why they are best for outdoor surfaces. 

Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles are great for backsplashes and countertops in cooking areas. However, they also have flooring applications. These tiles have a crystalline appearance and are found in different hues of nature, making them a versatile natural stone tile option. 

Onyx Tiles 

Onyx tiles have a crystalline appearance with vivid coloured banding, providing an attractive look to the space. These tiles are better used for accent walls rather than flooring. You can explore some amazing, attractive onyx tile designs and learn more about them from a good tile dealer near you. 

Travertine Tiles 

Travertine tiles are available in lighter tones yet provide a unique, rustic old-world look. They are a great choice for bathroom flooring and even walls but need to be protected with a sealer. Also, they can be great for entryways. 

Slate Tiles 

Natural slates are formed from sedimentary rocks and come in different tones such as dark grey, muted green, and dark red. Likewise, you can find slate tiles in similar tones. These floor tiles have a rustic natural look, making them perfect for bathrooms and entranceways. Their unique textured surface can provide a great walking surface in wet areas. 

Significance of Natural Stone Tiles 

Distinctive Elegance

One of the most attractive features of natural pathar tiles is their natural elegance. Every tile design comes with a unique look, featuring exquisite patterns, beautiful veinings, and textures which are inspire by their natural counterparts. Whether you like the natural beauty of marble or the earth tones of travertine, you can find tiles in every natural stone design, letting you bring a natural element into your space. Not only do these tiles offer a sense of luxury but also have a timeless appeal that can never go outdated. 

Connection with Nature

By using natural stone tiles for your interior flooring, you can establish a sense of connection between your interiors and the natural world. Each tile design is inspire by their natural substitutes, and just like them, these tiles carry the history and energy of the earth. So, they can provide an organic look to the space. Since they come in natural textures and hues, they can create a calm and soothing ambience which helps in maintaining a healthy well-being. 

Versatility in Design

Just like you have seen above, the natural stone tiles offer versatility in design, allowing you to creatively design your space as per your taste. Be it your kitchen flooring or bedroom flooring, you can think of infusing natural stone tiles of all kinds to elevate the room’s beauty quotient. Besides flooring, these tiles can also be use to create stunning backsplashes, countertops, and even accent walls. You can visit any trusted tile shop near you to check out the flexibility of natural stone tile designs in person. 


Natural stone tiles offer great durability and longevity. As they are manufacture using high-quality material, they have a robust body that can withstand heavy footfalls. Besides, because of advancements in their manufacturing technology, they come with properties such as being resistant to stains and scratches. So, you do not have to worry about dragging chairs in your office or kids playing at home. To learn more about these properties, talk to a tile dealer available in your city. 

Low Maintenance

Natural stone tiles require less maintenance, making them a practical choice for all modern spaces, including homes and commercial areas. Also, they come with an easy-to-clean property. You can easily clean their surfaces with a damp mop. Another benefit of wet areas is that they prevent bacterial growth because of their water-resistant properties, making the wet areas easy to maintain. 

Increased Property Prices 

As natural pathar tiles can elevate the elegance factor of spaces, they can significantly help in raising the resale value of properties. Potential buyers can get attract towards the luxurious and sophisticat look of the spaces, luring them more to invest in properties. Besides the aesthetics, the durability and low maintenance of the natural stone tiled flooring will influence them to make a worthy purchase. 


Natural stone floor tiles create a balance between timeless elegance and durability. So, whether you want natural stone flooring in your kitchen or living room, visit a tile shop like Orientbell Tile Shop and transform your space into an epitome of beauty.Discover the timeless elegance of pathar tiles at Orientbell Tiles. Crafted with precision and sophistication, our pathar tiles redefine the aesthetics of your spaces. From classic to contemporary designs, these tiles offer durability and charm, creating a foundation of enduring beauty for your floors. Explore the allure of pathar tiles at Orientbell for a touch of luxury in every step.



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