Immediate Solution to Export PocoMail MBOX Files to MS Outlook


PocoMail MBOX files are the most widely used file format in use today. These file formats are used by numerous webmail clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Eudora, Powermail, and many more, to store their email items. However, because of MS Outlook’s extensive feature set, consumers are increasingly requesting and wanting to switch from Mozilla Thunderbird or any other email client that supports PocoMail MBOX to MS Outlook (PST).

In addition, I’ll discuss a quick Microsoft Outlook function from the viewpoint of the user. Furthermore, I’ll walk you through using the PocoMail MBOX Converter Tool, a third-party tool, to import PocoMail MBOX files into Outlook for convenience.

The Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

As was previously said, I’ll go over a few advantages of Microsoft Outlook. Allow me to discuss the several advantages of Microsoft Outlook.

  • All consumers of email will find Microsoft Outlook to be incredibly structured and user-friendly.
  • For both technical and non-technical people, Microsoft Outlook is simple to use.
  • One benefit of MS Outlook is that users can use the built-in search bars to find certain tools, settings, emails, inboxes, etc.
  • Using shared calendars, users can create reminders for tasks and events.
  • You can use desktop or mobile devices to access Microsoft Outlook.
  • Because it has the best security among email clients, this one is the most widely used.

As you can see, I went over a few of the advantages of using the Microsoft Office program. In addition, I’ll show you a few ways to upload PocoMail MBOX files to Outlook.

I advise reading this article if you wish to manually convert MBOX to PST.

Various Methods for Bringing PocoMail MBOX Files into Outlook

I want to dispel a myth first: moving PocoMail MBOX files to Outlook cannot be done natively. As a result, I’ll walk you through three separate manual processes to open PocoMail MBOX files in Outlook. The third-party tool will then be briefly explained to you so you can import PocoMail MBOX files straight into Outlook 2019 or any other Microsoft Outlook version.

  1. Make a Gmail account and link it with Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Move PocoMail MBOX data over to the Thunderbird account.
  3. Move the mailbox contents to Microsoft Outlook by syncing them.
  4. Reliable Method for Importing PocoMail MBOX Files into Outlook

First Step: Make a Gmail account and link it with Mozilla Thunderbird.

I’ll start by making a Gmail account and syncing it with my Mozilla Thunderbird account. To create your Gmail account and sync it with Thunderbird, simply follow the instructions.

  • Get your ID and Gmail password out of your possession.
  • Install and launch the Mozilla Thunderbird webmail client after that.
  • Proceed by selecting Mail > Preferences.
  • To add a new mail account, select the Accounts option in the dialog box that is now shown.
  • Click the plus sign (). After that, link your reputable Gmail account to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Simply choose Google > Proceed.
  • Click the Next button after entering the credentials for the linked Gmail account.
  • Choose the mailbox item that you want to use with Mozilla Thunderbird and your Gmail account.
  • Select the Done option now.
  • Add your Gmail account to the “Your Account” screen by following the instructions on the left side of the screen.
  • Exit the open window and log back into your Mozilla Thunderbird program.
  • Click the mouse’s right button after adding your Gmail account in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Finally, choose the synchronized Gmail account’s mailbox > New Mailbox option > OK button.

But you’ve successfully finished the initial Steps of importing MBOX files into Outlook. After that, I’ll walk you through two stages to finish the process of importing PocoMail MBOX files to Outlook 2016 or other Outlook versions.

Move PocoMail MBOX Files to the Thunderbird Account in Step Two.

I will also move my PocoMail MBOX files to the appropriate Thunderbird account. Simply comprehend and follow the procedure.


  • Right-click Local Folders > Settings in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • On your desktop or laptop, copy the local directory path and open the specified place.
  • Transfer the PocoMail MBOX file(s) you have here.
  • Relaunch the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Your specific PocoMail MBOX folder will then appear in your local folders.
  • Select every message you have opened in Microsoft Outlook going forward.
  • To export the messages, click the right button and select the desired messages.

You can use the migrate to or copy to option if you would prefer not to migrate your emails to Thunderbird. This allows you to copy and paste emails from your PocoMail MBOX folder into your Gmail folder.

In conclusion, ensure that you review the specifics of copying and pasting your PocoMail MBOX folders.

Step 3: Transfer and Sync Email Content to Microsoft Outlook

Ultimately, I will transfer and synchronize all of my data or mailbox items to my Microsoft Outlook account.

  • Access your Gmail account that is linked to your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Next, import your PocoMail MBOX items to a comparable account that you added to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Ultimately, MS Outlook will reveal all of your PocoMail MBOX emails.

I’ve finished the manual technique in its entirety by following the aforementioned three stages. You can use a third-party tool to open PocoMail MBOX files in Outlook if you don’t want to follow the previously described methods; we’ll talk about this in the following section.

Automated Solution: WholeClear MBOX to PST Converter

The most dependable and effective tool I have ever used is the WholeClear MBOX to PST Converter, which offers a trustworthy solution for importing PocoMail MBOX files into Outlook. I like to use this tool when I need to import PocoMail MBOX files into Outlook since it makes it possible for me to import a lot of PocoMail MBOX files without worrying about losing any data. I also helped with the preview function and the PocoMail MBOX file upload to Outlook with the attachments throughout the migration process.

Last Remarks

To import PocoMail MBOX files into Outlook, I have covered two distinct approaches in this post. Each way consists of three stages and a brief overview of a third-party tool. You can opt to follow any of the steps, but be sure to make informed and effective decisions.



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