I Removals Birmingham accompany you from origin to destination in your office

I Removals Birmingham accompany you from origin to destination in your office

A Birmingham mover studies the means of handling necessary for each type of move and the modes of transportation that will be used throughout the project. Our mission is to transport and relocate your machines in good condition, guaranteeing optimal quality and meeting deadlines. We put at your disposal technical and human resources.

Birmingham movers study and analyze the project according to the needs and particularities of each business. Our goal is to help our clients maintain and improve their activity thanks to our added value in moving. Our experienced teams plan and develop each project, prioritizing the client’s operation.

The transportation of files within each company is a meticulous and highly precise task. I Removals Birmingham takes care of the packaging, transfer, and relocation at the destination, providing the appropriate logistical means and speed in the transfer. Birmingham movers pay meticulous attention to the transport and classification of documentation to provide maximum protection and effectiveness.

A company move is a delicate task since activity must be ensured during the move. Computers, offices, furniture, information technologies (ICT), computer equipment, and office furniture must be uninstalled, transported, and reinstalled at the destination with the best optimization of times and schedules.

Stages of an office and business move

Depending on the size of the move, one or several meetings may be held to discuss the needs of the different departments of your company at each stage of the move. Once the needs have been analyzed, I Removals Birmingham creates an action plan, which includes costs, deadlines, and any special services required. During this technical meeting, key elements of business relocation are identified, and potential solutions are proposed. We can also inform collaborators of the details of the moving operations, and answer various questions.

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Provision of moving packaging

I Removals Birmingham packaging material has been specially created to protect the objects best to be transported, taking into account the technical specifications of each one, and providing the greatest protection to them during transport. Material that is particularly sensitive to shocks, dust, and vibrations cannot be moved without specific protection. For terminals and computers, we use reinforced cardboard boxes specially designed to withstand significant weights. This makes it possible to combine all the elements of a computing position in a single package. The bubble wrap allows you to group all the cables, keyboard, and mouse connected to the computer hardware.

Labeling removals

Labeling each box at the origin with a destination code allows us to quickly identify the type of object transported and the exact place where it should be located.

Protection of the premises: We protect the areas reached in each office move, both at origin and destination, for example:

Landings, vestibules, as well as circulation routes for handling equipment, protruding edges of walls and corners: protection employing rigid corner bars (hardboard angles or equivalent). The lower part of the walls, the doors of the facilities, etc.: using corrugated cardboard bands, bubble wrap or any other product that offers similar protection; any other facility or room that requires specific protection, established as such during the technical visit.

Transport of heavy objects

This aspect applies to safes, heavy-duty or fireproof cabinets weighing more than 250kg. If necessary, we create a team specialized in this type of heavy handling, as well as all the technical means to carry out this type of intervention.

The maintenance

Maintenance operations are carried out by I Removals Birmingham. Cardboard boxes are loaded onto trucks and transported from the original site to the destination site. Birmingham movers have its own fleet of specialized vehicles which guarantees the safety of the transported effects.


I Removals Birmingham transports the effects to the designated offices, in accordance with the labeling and defined instructions. Once the items have been delivered and unpacked, our teams recover the packaging material for recycling.

The main element: our specialized mobile equipment

During the implementation phase, I Removals Birmingham teams are made up of the main coordinator who designates a second coordinator at the arrival site. The other team leaders are divided by site and/or by floor and specificity (heavy items, files, computer packages, etc.) supervising the teams.

Entrust the move of your company, factory, production lines, machinery, or industrial equipment to a specialized team whose quality is confirmed. At removals Highgate we take care of the main aspects of your industrial move, such as disassembly and relocation through engineering operations and logistics. We work in fields as varied as automotive, metallurgy, plastics, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and all industrial sectors in general.

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