How to Use Zimbra Mail Mailbox in Outlook?

Are you leaving Zimbra and moving to Microsoft Outlook? Therefore wondering how to use Zimbra Mail Mailbox in Outlook? Searching a safe and powerful solution for the same? No worries, because in the segment we will discuss a technique that allows to use Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook with accurate results in few seconds.

Zimbra Mail is a cloud-based and open-source webmail platform that functions similar to other email service providers like Google Mail. It allows users to manage and control the data as needed. The modern interface has made its accessibility easier for users. Due to its easy-to-use environment, users can access its services from anywhere anytime. Moreover, Zimbra Mail is easy-to-customize & integrates, so one should only pay for the features that are currently needed, however, later they can be added as the business expands. This will save the money as users will only purchase the options that are necessary for a business.

On the other side, Outlook is another popular emailing program introduced by Microsoft. It is a part of MS Office Suite. Moreover, the company has launched the separate version of Outlook for Mac OS X users. Microsoft Outlook is known as Personal Information Management. It allows managing the personal data of users such as emails, contacts and calendar. Due to its popularity and remarkable features, users start switching from their email application to MS Outlook. A user can either use it as a standalone email client or connect the same with SharePoint Server and Exchange Server.

Why Users Prefer Microsoft Outlook over Zimbra Mail?

There are plethoras of reasons that pressurise users to move data of Zimbra Mail to Outlook. Undoubtedly, Zimbra is one of the oldest email client and used by many users for managing emails. However, with the emerging popularity of Outlook and its features, users are moving to the application.

Here are some of the main reasons that clarifies why switching to Microsoft Outlook is beneficial –

  • Outlook updated every year with more enhanced features and functionality.
  • Zimbra delivers only phone and online support whereas Outlook provides multiple support options such as knowledge support, online support, phone support and video tutorials.
  • Outlook has quick synchronization process as compared to Zimbra email application.
  • Microsoft Outlook is more secure and reliable than Zimbra Mail.
  • Outlook offers heaps of additional benefits such as templates, scheduled backup, archiving, retention, conversion views, post replies and more.
  • Outlook provides good amount of storage space whereas Zimbra Mail is suitable for small businesses.

Overall, Microsoft Outlook is surely a better email platform than Zimbra Mail. But, how to use the mailbox stored in Zimbra Mail in Microsoft Outlook. Let us check the process in detail.

How to Use Zimbra Mail Mailbox in Outlook?

The simplified way to use Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook is CubexSoft Zimbra to PST Converter Tool. It is an application that batch convert Zimbra Mail mailboxes into PST at once and allow users to use Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook effortlessly. The tool also possesses a user-friendly interface which can be managed independently by professional and non-professional users to make use of Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook.

Moreover, there are many features available with the help of users can perform the process as per their requirements. Download the trial edition of the tool and know how to use Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook according to users requirements.

Working Steps to Use Zimbra Mail Mailbox in Outlook

Step 1. Download and open Zimbra to Outlook Tool on any version of Windows OS. Pick the second option and tap Next.

home screen

Step 2. Add Zimbra Mail details with IMAP Host and Port Number.

select email source

Step 3. Click Use Batch Mode option to batch transfer Zimbra Mail mailboxes into Outlook. You can also choose Use Proxy Server Option to perform the process through a different server.

Step 4. We have selected Use Batch Mode option and discussed the further steps accordingly.

select email source

Step 5. After choosing the Use Batch Mode option, the tool will open another window. Click on Add CSV button to add a CSV file carrying the list of multiple Zimbra users details such as email ID and password.

click add csv

Step 6. Now, the tool will show the list of Zimbra users on its pane. Verify them and click Next. However, take help of a checkbox if you want to remove any unnecessary added Zimbra users from the list. Click Next.

select email accounts

Step 7. The application will start adding Zimbra Mail mailboxes on the left pane.

select email source

Step 8. On the right, click Select Saving Options and choose PST from the list.

select email source

Step 9. Set the sub-options to save resultant PST file as per need for ease of access. Also, click on the Filters tab if you want to use only selected Zimbra Mail mailboxes into Outlook.

pst options

advanced filters

Step 10. Again, navigate back to Backup tab and click Backup button. And, after the process completes, the application will show the dialogue box “Process Completed Successfully”. Click OK and exit.

Now, import the resultant PSTs in Microsoft Outlook. Simply open Microsoft Outlook >> go to File >> Choose Open & Export >> Select Import/Export >> Pick Import from Another Program or File >> Tap Next >> Click Browse and load PST file location >> Set necessary option from Options and click Next. Last, set the required options and click Finish button.

After this, the resultant PST files will appear in Microsoft Outlook. However, the conversion will be performed without data loss. The folder structure will also be shown in correct order.


In the segment, we have discussed the easiest way to fix “how to use Zimbra Mail mailbox in Outlook”. CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is one such application that handles the process safely and delivers the results without making any changes in the original files. With the help of the tool, users can also use Zimbra Mail mailbox in 25+ other saving options such as PDF, MBOX, EML, EMLx, MHT, HTML, IMAP, Exchange Server, Office 365, and more. Download the free demo of the application and understand the process completely by using first 25 Zimbra Mail emails into PST free of cost.

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