Most Demanding Solution for How to Remove Identical Data in Outlook Email

Most Demanding Solution for How to Remove Identical Data in Outlook Email

Microsoft Outlook is one of the more complex applications available through Microsoft Suite. Outlook users frequently experience message and email duplication. Duplicate emails, in most cases, confuse and increase the size of Outlook data files ineffectively. They also slow down the Outlook application. It has a negative impact on business productivity. It takes a long time to access new emails and respond to them. This issue is usually caused by technical errors. As a result, users are looking for a way to remove identical data in Outlook email.

Helpful Note:

So we’re here to show you how to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. In addition, we will discuss the best Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. But, before you proceed, you should understand why there are so many duplicate email messages in Outlook.

Causes for Deleting Duplicate Emails in Outlook PST

Email duplication occurs for a variety of reasons. However, some of the most common causes of the problem are discussed below:

  • When you receive an email message, it can be confusing if the rules are not set up correctly. Consequently, it results in the emails being duplicated.
  • The emails and other data in the mailbox are not synchronized if the inbox updates infrequently. Data duplication will occur as a result.
  • When an email account is used on multiple devices, including laptops and mobile phones, the incoming message gets synchronized more than once. It is a major contributing factor to email duplication.
  • The mailbox settings in Outlook aren’t syncing correctly when you create an account. It’s likely to keep getting the same email and messages in general.

Here, we’ve outlined the potential causes of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and duplicate email deletion. We’ll now talk about how to get rid of duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Different Ways to Remove Identical Data in Outlook Email

There are several ways to get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook. All you have to do is investigate every potential troubleshooting technique. You will benefit from it later on.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings in the Outlook program.
  2. Using the Import/Export Wizard in Outlook, delete the same email messages.
  3. Establish the rules correctly.
  4. Set the frequency of the inbox updates.
  5. Trash the inbox
  6. Switch off the antivirus program.

We’ll go over each effective way to get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook Now in detail.

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Approach 1. Check Account Settings in the Outlook Program

  1. Open MS Outlook by going to File > Info > Account Settings first.
  2. Next, select the Email tab and look up the desired account’s name to configure it with Outlook.
  3. You must choose and delete any instances where the same account appears more than once.
  4. Lastly, press the Close button.

Approach 2. Using the import/export wizard in Outlook, remove the same email messages

  1. Start by selecting the File tab, Open & Export, Import/Export wizard, and Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Choose the Import from another program or file option after that.
  3. Next, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click the Next button.
  4. Additionally, look through the PST file and select the option to “Do not import duplicates.”
  5. Finally, select the folder you want to export and click the Include subfolders button. Press the Finish button after selecting the Import items into the same folder option.

Approach 3. Establish The Rules Correctly

Verify whether the Outlook rules are configured correctly. if rules are not set up correctly. It will cause confusion between various email folders. Establish the rules accurately.

Approach 4. Set The Frequency of The Inbox Updates

  1. Start the Microsoft Outlook software locally first.
  2. Next, select Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups from the Send/Receive tab.
  3. Click the group you wish to change in the newly opened dialog box.
  4. If you would like to create new groups, click the New button.
  5. Next, select the option to Schedule an automatic send/receive every ___ minutes by clicking the Edit button.
  6. Lastly, select the preferred time interval and click the OK button.

Approach 5. Clear the Inbox

Outlook includes a wide range of tools and add-ins. This allows you to easily clean up or remove duplicate emails. To clean up your mailbox, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Start the Outlook application.
  2. Select a mailbox folder.
  3. Select Home > Cleanup. Set up the following options:
  4. Clean up Conversation will remove and relocate duplicate emails from the Conversation.
  5. The Clean Up Folder will remove duplicate emails from any folder you specify.
  6. Clean Up Folders and Subfolders will remove duplicate folders and subfolders from your system.
  7. Now, right-click on the Deleted Items folder and press the Empty Folder button to permanently delete the emails.

Limitation of Manual Approaches

  • These methods involve manual effort, especially if you have a large number of emails.
  • Manually identifying duplicates may lead to errors, and you may accidentally delete important emails.
  • Outlook lacks a dedicated feature for removing duplicates, which could make the process more time-consuming.
  • Before performing any deletion, always back up your Outlook data to avoid data loss.

Outlook Duplicate Remover Software to Delete Identical Emails in Outlook

The most versatile and comprehensive third-party utility is CubexSoft PST Duplicate Email Remover. It quickly and safely removes duplicate emails from multiple and single PST files in Outlook. It will assist users in efficiently removing all similar mailbox data from Outlook. It also allows you to search for duplicates across all Outlook PST files. Now we will proceed to the steps that will put your fears to rest.

Important Note – You can also use one of the best tools i.e. PST File Converter Tool to convert and export Outlook emails to multiple file formats such as PST to PDF, MBOX, EML, MSG, DOC, RTF, TXT, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, and many others. The software has an intuitive user interface that enables users to complete the converting process independently of technical support. Additionally, it supports all Mac and Windows-based operating systems, offering broad compatibility and accessibility. You can download and install this software on any of the Windows or Mac OS versions. You can evaluate the working of the demo version of the software.

Final Words

This blog post focuses on the removal of duplicate emails in Outlook. We’ve covered a number of potential methods for deleting identical emails from Microsoft Outlook. You are welcome to look them up. For this kind of problem, experts always advise using automated tools. However, you can choose any approach that best suits your needs.

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