How to Perform an Instagram Giveaway?


Do you want to organize a contest on Instagram to retain your audience and increase your engagement? Are you looking for an easy method to conduct a fair and random online raffle for your next marketing campaign? Do not search anymore! Find out how to make an Instagram sweepstakes in a few simple steps to make your next contest a real success!

Prepare Instagram Sweepstakes Rules and Conditions

Before launching a giveaway on Instagram, be sure to prepare the rules and conditions of participation.
This includes:

  • The definition of the terms of participation
  • The duration of the promotion
  • Prizes to be won
  • Eligibility rules
  • Winner Selection Criteria
  • Methods of notification of winners
  • The methods of awarding prizes.

Clearly define the terms of participation to avoid confusion among participants. For example, you can ask participants to follow your account, like your post, tag friends, etc.

It is important to define the duration of the promotion, ie the start and end date of the contest. This will allow participants to plan their participation and not miss deadlines.

It is crucial to define the prizes to be won. This can encourage participants to participate. It is important to specify the details of the prizes, their value, the terms of discount, etc. However, it is important to follow Instagram’s rules and usage policies regarding contests and promotions.

It is essential to provide a mechanism to manage any disputes. This will allow you to deal with any unforeseen situations. And to guarantee the transparency and fairness of the competition.

Ask Attendees to Follow You and Tag Friends

To increase participation, ask users to follow your account and tag friends. This creates virality around your contest. By increasing the reach of your post and attracting new followers to your account.

It is important to remind users to follow your account and tag friends to be eligible for the prize draw. It is also important to specify the maximum number of people that users can tag to avoid abuse.

A key point to remember is to use mentions using specific hashtags for users who have been tagged. This increases the visibility of the post and creates additional engagement for participants.

By asking entrants to follow your account and tag friends, you can increase the reach of your contest and attract new Instagram followers to your Instagram account.

Post a Post Announcing the Instagram Sweepstakes

After preparing the contest rules and conditions, the next step is to announce the contest on Instagram. To do this, you can post a post on your Instagram account that announces the details of the contest, rules and conditions, prizes to be won, start and end date, etc. It is important to use images or videos that attract attention and to write clear and concise text.

One aspect you should not miss is using relevant hashtags to make it easy for users to find your post and maximize the reach of your contest.

It is advisable to use mentions to draw users’ attention to your post, you can mention influential accounts or contest partners to increase the visibility of your post.

It is important to remind users to respect the rules and conditions of the competition to be eligible for the draw, this will avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

Use a Sweepstakes App to Pick Winners

There are several online giveaway apps for Instagram that allow you to randomly select Instagram contest winners. These sweepstakes apps for Instagram are generally easy to use and can be configured to take into account your contest parameters, such as mentions or hashtags used, comments and mentions.

It’s important to check that the tool you’re using complies with Instagram’s rules and regulations. You must also check that the chosen tool generates random results to avoid any suspicion of cheating.

There are free and paid Instagram sweepstakes apps, some are instagram specific while others can be used for all social networks. It is important to choose the one that best suits your needs, and to check that it complies with the rules of your contest.

Announce the Winners

After using a sweepstakes tool to select the winners of your Instagram contest, now is the time to announce the lucky winners. It’s important to post to your Instagram profile to announce the winners, and use tags to tag them in your post.

Another fundamental aspect is to contact the winners directly via Instagram or by email to ask them to provide the information necessary to receive their prize. Be sure to meet the deadlines to deliver the prizes to the winners.

An essential and preferable point is to thank all the participants and encourage them to participate in your next contests. Consider asking winners to share photos or videos of their experience with the prize won on their own Instagram account.

Finally, don’t forget to share the results on your other social networks to maximize the reach of your contest and your winners.

Give the Prizes

Once the winners have been announced and you have collected the information needed to contact them. It’s time to give the prizes. Remember to respect the deadlines announced in the rules and conditions of the competition to deliver the prizes to the winners.

There are several ways to deliver the prizes to the winners:

  • If the prize is a physical product, you can send it by post or by a delivery service.
  • If it’s a service or experience, you can arrange a meeting to deliver the award in person or schedule a date for the service or experience.
  • If it’s cash, you can transfer the funds directly to the winners’ bank account.

Be sure to maintain clear and transparent communication with winners to ensure they receive their prize as soon as possible.

It is important to ask winners to share their experience with the award on Instagram. This creates content for your profile. This will allow you to show participants what they can expect if they win.

Complying with Instagram’s Rules and Usage Policies for Contests and Promotions

To comply with Instagram’s rules and usage policies regarding contests and promotions:

  • Follow the platform instructions to the letter
  • Prohibition on requiring users to purchase a product or make a financial transaction to participate
  • Prohibition of asking users to tag multiple friends to increase their chances
  • Do not use Instagram features in an abusive or fraudulent manner
  • Avoid using bots to automate actions on the platform.

In order to ensure the smooth running, it is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney to ensure that you comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your online contest. This may vary by jurisdiction. It is important to follow these rules to avoid legal action and to guarantee the transparency and legality of your competition.



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