How to Merge PST files in Outlook – A Complete Guide

merge PST files in Outlook

Are you willing to merge multiple PST files and save them in a single file? Then, this is the right page for you. Many users face issues with their Outlook PST files as they save a huge amount of data in Outlook, and now their Outlook is overfilled. This is very common these days as users, especially organizations, have data to store on a daily basis. Therefore, if you want to merge PST files in Outlook, then you must look for the best solution.

It is not easy for users to access their data from different files, as some users set passwords for their PST files. When transferring multiple PST files, it becomes difficult for users to choose their preferred file for sharing, and it is very time-consuming. Therefore, users are suggested to merge two Outlook PST files and create a single file.

Why users prefer to merge PST files in Outlook

Merging the PST file is the best solution for any user using Microsoft Outlook; the PST file becomes oversized, which later becomes difficult to handle. It can also affect Outlook’s performance, and users will be unable to access their data. Merging the PST file is necessary. Why is it so? We have shared the answer below, so go through it.

  • If users want to back up their data, merging the Outlook PST file will be the best option.
  • The oversized PST file can lower Outlook performance, affecting users’ data and preventing them from accessing it.
  • Users have different accounts, and to combine different accounts, users are supposed to merge PST files quickly in Outlook.
  • If users are thinking of switching their server to another server, then they must merge their PST files.
  • It will save a lot of time to share the files by merging them into one single file.
  • With this, users will create more space in Outlook if they merge their Outlook PST files.

Suggesting the best solution for merging PST files

All those who want to merge PST files in Outlook are suggested to take two approaches: the manual method and the professional third-party tool. If users opt for the best solution, it will become very easy for them. However, both techniques are easily available for users: the old-school method and the newly introduced professional third-party tool.

Proceed with the task using the manual technique.

To proceed with the manual method, one must be a technical expert or ask an IT expert to commence this merging task. The task is time-consuming, so users must think before opting for this method. Below, we are sharing the steps to merge PST files in Outlook. Go through it once.

  • Create a new Outlook PST file –


    • Launch Microsoft Outlook in your system.
    • From the home tab, click the new item option, then hit the more items option, and then click on the Outlook data file option.
    • Now, look for the location where you want to save the PST file, name the file, and hit the OK button.
    • The new PST file will be generated successfully.


  • Move the Outlook PST file to the new PST file.


    • Open the Microsoft Outlook and then visit the file tab.
    • After that, select the open and export options and then hit the import/ export option.
    • Now, choose the import from another file/ program option and hit the next button.
    • Post that, select the Outlook PST files, and hit the Next button.
    • Now select the Outlook PST file to import, and then click the Next button.
    • Now, choose the folder you want to import to the newly created PST file.
    • At last, click on the Finish option.

Why do professionals avoid the traditional method?

Many users prefer the manual method, and most technical experts follow this approach. Before beginning the task with the manual method, users must know about its limitations and why they should opt for the professional method.

  • The manual method takes a long time to finish the task.
  • Users will not be able to merge multiple PST files in a single go; they have to repeat the task several times.
  • Users cannot totally rely on manual methods to merge PST files in Outlook as their data might be in danger.

Merge two Outlook PST files with a professional tool.

If users want to get immediate results for merging the PST file, then choosing the professional merging software will be the finest option. It will help the users finish the whole task successfully. We suggest users try the Weeom PST merge software, an authentic tool that will help the users finish the whole task successfully. To commence the task, go through the below-cited steps.

  • Firstly, download and install the Weeom PST merge software in your system.
  • After that, hit the add option, then choose the file you want to merge.
  • Once you have chosen the PST file, hit the Next button to proceed.
  • Afterward, set the file’s name and search for the target folder where you want to save it. Later, hit the merge OST/ PST file option, select the exclude duplicate items option, and then click the Next button.
  • Now, merging the PST file will begin in the next wizard.
  • After that, hit the OK button once you have finished the merging process. The full task report will be generated; users can save it for future reference. Lastly, tap the Finish option.

The software that we have suggested will help the users throughout the whole task, and users will have access to the tool from anywhere. Being a Universal platform, it has become easy for users to run the task whenever they want, and it offers technical support 24/7. To learn more about the tool, users are asked to download the free demo version of the tool and explore the features of the utility before making any purchase.


Merging the PST file will help users manage their data carefully and will be able to keep their data safe and secure. The tool that we have stated will help the users merge PST files in Outlook very easily. Apart from that, users can go through the features of the tool and explore everything about the software and how it works.



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