How to Make the Holy Month of Ramadan Productive?

How to Make the Holy Month of Ramadan Productive?

Muslims await the holy month of Ramadan throughout the year with great passion. It is that time of the year that is not only higher in status but also brings abundant blessings for the believers. Many even travel for the holy rituals with cheap Umrah packages to have a productive Ramadan time. In fact, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) narrated in a hadith that Umrah in Ramadan holds an equivalent reward of performing Hajj pilgrimage. So, you can evaluate the significance that this month holds for the Muslims.

It is essential for every Muslim that he doesn’t spend this time sitting idle or not getting the complete benefit of this holy month. Whether you are travelling for the holy rituals of Umrah in Ramadan or not; here’s how you can make your Ramadan more productive.

Consume a healthy diet:

Be conscious of what you eat and avoid overfilling your stomach because it will only lead to health problems. You cannot risk falling ill during Ramadan because it will take away the essence of this spiritual month from you as you will not be able to observe your fasts.

  • Consume a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables; variety of whole grain foods, dairy items as well as meat.
  • Keep your body hydrated to make up for water deficiency.
  • Avoid eating junk food.
  • Never skip Iftar and Suhoor meals because it is a Sunnah.
  • Take vitamin supplements and electrolytes to make up for the necessary nutrients you are not getting properly in Ramadan.

Read Holy Quran:

Reading holy Quran punctually should be your priority in Ramadan. Try to read the holy Quran with translation and tafseer so that you can learn about the context of the different Ayah and implement the teachings in your life. It is a complete code of life and you want to earn success in this world in in the Akhirah, then it is through Holy Quran.

In addition, reading holy Quran in Ramadan also brings more rewards. You get rewarded for every letter of the Quran that you pronounce and read with blessings that are beyond your imagination.

Don’t oversleep:

Remember that the purpose of fasting is not to lie on bed all day and only get up at Iftar. In fact, you must do all your chores, let it be personal, professional or familial, without any laziness. This is here the test lies. So, don’t oversleep during Ramadan but spend most of your time in the righteous deeds. Who knows it might be your last Ramadan?

Ask Allah for strength:

Observing the fasts on a daily basis for the entire month can be exhausting, especially during summertime. So, you must prepare yourself physically for it and then ask Allah Almighty to give you the strength and ability for completing Ramadan with the same energy. You’ll see how Allah Almighty grants you with infinite strength to continue your fasts without any difficulty.

 Undertake Umrah pilgrimage:

Ramadan is the best time to travel for the holy pilgrimage of Umrah because of the higher rewards it holds during this month. Especially for the Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages. So, plan and book your Umrah travel well in advance to secure your bookings and avoid any last minute inconveniences.

Preferably get an all-inclusive Umrah package that covers for your;

  • Hotel accommodation in Makkah and Madinah.
  • Return flights in a cabin class of your choice with any airline.
  • Local transportation.
  • Visas and other pilgrimage needs.

So you don’t have to waste time managing it all on your own.

Give Sadqah and Zakat:

Thought here is no limitation of giving your Zakat and Sadqah in Ramadan, most people do it excessively to earn the higher rewards during this month. Ramadan is the perfect time to increase your acts of charity; physical, mental or financial. So engage in giving charity and help others as much as you can.

Make a schedule:

In order to be more productive, set up a Ramadan schedule for all of your tasks and stick to it. Specify a time for your work, personal care, family, and friends while also taking out enough time for Ibadah and Dhikr.

These are some of the tips that you can utilize to make the holy month of Ramadan productive.



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