How to Find and Buy Wallpaper in Singapore

wallpaper in Singapore

It is becoming much easier to change wallpaper in the space finish of walls, and many people are confirming its position as a market favorite. The wide range of wallpapers, designs, textures, and colors convey the different hallmarks of the people in the variety of homeowners; people remain with a signature style and create very uncommon environments. The wallpaper market in Singapore is extensive and in bloom, giving great alternatives to fit every tick and every budget. In this guide, we present you a comparison of how to find and buy the right wallpaper in Singapore.

All you will need to do is be conscious of the many wallpapers on the market, exactly what you want to use them for, and where to find quality wallpapers. This could be local stores that offer a physical shopping experience, online sellers with convenience and variety, and much more. Additionally, one needs to know just the kind of room and their type of design preferences, level of durability, and budget that one can work within to thin out your options.


Wallpapers Types

Are you ready to turn your space into something magical with wallpaper but not sure where to start? The first thing is to understand the different types of wallpaper. Let us look at the most popular types available.


Vinyl Wallpaper 

The best thing about vinyl wallpaper is its durability and minimal maintenance; many people consider this as their first choice. It can be suitable to apply in heavy traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom due to its durable properties against moisture. This will be perfect for you if you have pets or even children.


Non-woven Wallpaper

Another perfect choice is non-woven wallpaper. It is breathable and does not encourage the growth of molds, making it applicable in bathrooms. Again, it is easy to install and remove, hence it is one of the top choices for lovers of decors that change from time to time.


Textile Wallpaper

Even textile wallpaper can make the place look richer. It is made from silk, linen, or cotton, adding texture and richness to your walls. Yet it’s slightly pricier and a tad more maintenance-heavy, but the overall feel is worth it.


Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you’re a renter or simply like the option of an update that can easily be reversed, then peel-and-stick wallpaper is your best option. This type is very easy to apply and take off without damaging the walls. It’s ideal for accent walls or small projects and available in a vast number of designs.


Assessing Your Wants

Think about the need for the wallpaper before you even start to shop; there are just some important aspects to think of:


Room Type

Which room are you decorating? Different rooms will require different wallpaper. For instance, you will use moisture-resistant wallpaper in your kitchens and bathrooms, but you might need a delicate option for your living and bedroom.


Design Preferences

What kind of style are you going for? Wallpapers come in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. Do you want bold patterns, or are you looking for something neutral and subtle? In this regard, take into account the overall theme of your home.


Durability and Maintenance  

How much wear and tear will the wallpaper go through? High-use areas require something sturdy and washable—like vinyl—whereas more serene areas, like a bedroom, may call for something a little more fragile, like textile or grasscloth.



What’s your budget like? Fixing a budget in advance could reduce choice overload. There are expensive wallpapers under every brand, but again, there is a score of affordable ones offering equal quality and good design.


Where to Buy Your Wallpaper in Singapore

Singapore has so many places to buy wallpapers; from local stores to online retailers. Here, find your way.


Local Dealers for Wall Coverings  

This would, all the more, help in a way that you can see and feel before you buy wallpaper in Singapore, leaving you at peace with your decision. These shops, most likely enough, house various designs with a professional outlook.


Online Retailers  

Shopping online is convenient, especially with wallpapers, instead of searching from one store to another. One can compare prices and go through other customers’ reviews but remember to order samples to ensure that colors and textures meet your expectations.


Interior Design Companies  

Those who would prefer a more personal touch can use wallpaper available through most interior design companies. These come with professional consultancy and tailor-made solutions. This, of course, would be at a premium but the professional touch will make a remarkable difference in your home.


DIY Stores  

Wallpaper is also carried by DIY stores. They balance the right quality with price, and this makes most homeowners like them. You will find all it takes to install the same under one roof.


Testing the Quality of Wallpaper

Quality is key when selecting wallpaper. The highest quality wallpaper will be long-lasting and will look even better. Things to look for are:


Material Quality  

Examine how thickness and the finish of the material. Generally, the guarantee of the thickness of materials is the thickness of wallpapers, and smoothness means it is easy to clean. Normally, vinyl or non-woven is preferable for durability.


Print Quality  

Quality print analysis: Good wallpaper has patterns that are very vibrant with uniform coloration. One has to look close enough to check for blurring and signals of fading, which in turn implies it is of low quality.


Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper

It can be a frightening prospect choosing the right wallpaper, but these hints will do:


Compatible with Existing Décor  

Take your present furniture and accessories into consideration. The wallpaper must consort with them to look unified. This is where you need to take into consideration the colors and patterns that will work best for your space.


Lighting Consideration  

How a wallpaper looks is going to very much depend on the lighting: natural and artificial lighting will affect them in different ways. Test your samples in all possible lights to be sure that you like the look.


Room size and shape  

Work with wallpaper: make the most out of wallpaper to bring out your room’s dimensions. For example, stripes are set vertically to elongate a room, while the horizontal pattern gives an illusion of a more spacious room. Larger room? Go for more prominent designs and patterns. Smaller rooms look best when you choose subtle designs.


Accent Walls  

Add flair to one of the walls in your room with the use of wallpaper—usually what should be the accent wall in a room. An accent wall is used to draw the eye, for example, the wall behind your bed or sofa, so you can go bolder without using up space.

Consequently, finding and buying wallpaper in Singapore can be such an exciting and productive experience. With thousands of choices to pick from and points of purchase spanning local shops and online retailers, you can easily get a wallpaper that befits your style and preference. You can always base your choice on room type, design preference, durability, and budget concerning quality. Therefore, do not forget to check the quality of the wallpapers and some samples for your order. Happy decorating!


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