How to Create PST in Mac Outlook 2016? – Accurate Result

How to Create PST in Mac Outlook 2016? – Accurate Result

I now communicate with my clients using Outlook Mac, however, I would like to move to Outlook Windows and keep all of my MAC Outlook’s attachments. How do I transfer an OLM file with attachments to a PST file?

Many people Google these queries in an attempt to get a better answer, but ultimately they become stuck and lose their data and attachments in the conversion process.

Define PST and OLM files format

OLM is comparable to PST, the Outlook for Mac program file format used in macOS computers. Emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and diaries are all stored in OLM under the “.olm” extension. Basic IMAP accounts are the source of data files called Personal Storage Table Files (PST).

As is common knowledge, Windows Outlook creates a PST file on the machine, whereas Mac Outlook creates an OLM file. Assuming you are utilizing these two operating systems independently, it should be very doable. What happens, though, if you need to use Windows Outlook to view all of your emails from Mac Outlook 2016?

Under such circumstances, you must convert your OLM files to PST files. You can only control the full configuration in this manner. You might need to generate a PST file in Outlook for Mac for a variety of reasons, including moving to a new place of employment, updating or changing your computer’s operating system, spending some time working on a different system, etc.

Main Reasons for Converting OLM Files to PST

  • The following justifies the Outlook OLM to PST conversion. Understanding these factors is necessary before converting OLM files to PST.
  • when your company want to make a permanent move from a Mac environment to a Windows one.
    to gain access to the contents of the orphaned OLM files that were discovered on the system.
  • You may temporarily utilize Windows OS by migrating your Mac OLM files to PST.
  • When you get an OLM file and wish to read and examine its contents, this conversion is required
    to improve email data portability.
  • We’re going to go on to how to import OLM into Windows Outlook now.

Manual Solution To Create PST To Mac Outlook 2016

Nevertheless, there isn’t a Microsoft-approved program available for exporting Mac Outlook 2016 mails to PST. The files must be manually converted, or you may use a specialist OLM to PST converter program like DataVare OLM To PST Converter.

How Can I Make a PST File on Mac Outlook?

  • We will discuss the manual method here.
  • Open Outlook on a Mac, then select File > Export.
  • To start the procedure, switch on “Outlook for Mac Data File” and click the right arrow.
  • Before you begin, duplicate the contents of your OLM file.
  • There will be an announcement on the screen when you finish this step.
  • Select the account and Outlook settings from this box.
  • To add a Gmail **account, click the **Add account tab after providing your login information.
  • A pop-up window confirming Gmail’s setup will appear.
  • Use the “Create a new folder” option for importing the OLM file.
  • Navigate to the newly created file on the desktop by selecting ‘Outlook Data File’ from the File menu.
  • In Mac Outlook, make sure to select every imported message.
  • To relocate them, choose the Move option, then pick a folder from the menu.
  • After indicating the new folder’s location, click “Move”.
  • This will transfer every piece of data you have from Mac Outlook 2016 to Gmail.
  • The final step is to configure your Gmail account and launch Outlook on your Windows computer.

Use Outlook to import data into PST files

  • Select File.
  • Select the Import/Export option after selecting Open & Export.
  • After selecting Export to a file, press the Next button.
  • Click the Next button after choosing Outlook Data File (.pst) from the Export to a File box.
  • Select the Gmail Folder that needs to be imported.
  • Check the Subfolders box, then press the Next button.
  • After selecting a location to store the PST file, click the Browse option and then click OK.
  • After selecting “Do not export duplicate items,” click “Finish.”
  • We have now covered a manual method for converting an OLM file to a PST.

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The Manual Approach’s Drawbacks

It could take a long time to finish the manual method described above. If any step is skipped or performed improperly, there is a chance that data will be lost.

Additionally, this process moves your OLM data to Windows Outlook rather than creating a PST file from it. Therefore, we would suggest that you regularly make independent backups of all of your Mac Outlook 2016 data. Your valuable data will be safeguarded and shielded from potential loss or harm.

Utilizing DataVare OLM To PST Converter – Create a PST File In Mac Outlook

You can export OLM file into a PST file using a strong DataVare OLM to PST Converter program to get beyond the aforementioned restrictions and preserve the integrity of your data. The steps are as follows:-

  • Install DataVare OLM To PST Converter after downloading it to your computer.
  • Add the OLM file or files to it now.

olm to pst

  • Once you’ve chosen a folder, click on the PST file format.
  • Lastly, click Convert Now after selecting a storage location for this file.

Use Advantages of DataVare OLM To PST Converter

  • Outlook for Mac (OLM) file conversion to PST
  • Locates and displays every OLM file
  • Free glimpse of items in the converted OLM mailbox
  • A preview pane shows emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with ease.
  • Option to export OLM mailboxes by saving the transformed OLM file in PST
  • Outlook versions 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 compatible
  • It operate on both OS Mac and Windows

In summary

Here, we’ve gone into great depth on the manual and automatic methods for producing a PST file in Outlook for Mac 2016. The traditional approach takes a lot of time and might cause data loss. You won’t have to be concerned about destroying any of your data when exporting the OLM file into PST if you use the DataVare OLM To PST Converter program.



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