How to choose the perfect book according to your mood?

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There are millions of topics available but choosing the perfect book according to your mood and your feelings is a time-consuming task. We are not in the same mood every time and that is why choosing the book that matches the vibe is essential. Because if we do not choose the perfect book, then we might lose interest in reading. And we will probably lose a very good habit.

And reading the right books at the wrong time could be the reason why you think that reading is so boring. But actually, it is not. It just depends on what will be the perfect book for you. And what should you read at that time? Suppose, if you want to relax then you might go for fiction rather than non-fiction. There are also a lot of subcategories and exploring these categories will help you find the perfect one. Suppose, you are in the mood to read the story of a great sports person then choosing a Kogi book is also an option for you. So, let’s do it.

Choosing the perfect book according to your mood:

Understand your Mood:

The first step and the most crucial one. And only you can do it right because you know your mood perfectly. Determine what your current mood is. Like you are feeling sad, bored, or have too much time to read your favorite genre.

If you are finding it hard or you are confused then you should take a pen and paper and write the details of your mood. And once you wrote that down. Then by writing the mood, you will know which mood has a stronger impact on you than the other one. And which have the heavy part. And once you know what your mood is then choosing the perfect book for you is just a few steps away.

Now, you are ready to take the list write down the options, and narrow the list by comparing them on the basis of story, emotions, or everything you want in your book.

Go through different Genres:

Nah! I am not telling you to get out of your mood. You just have to go through the genres. And different kinds of subjects and subcategories are there for your choice. So, exploring different subcategories will help you in giving the perfect book. Suppose, you are in a sad mood and want to read something that matches your mood. Then there are many categories available like you can read heartbreaking love stories. Or the contrasting emotion is happiness. And for that, you can have categories like feel-good books. Or reading any story that has many difficulties. But in the end, they finally get what they want. Or we know those stories as Happy Ending stories. Suppose, you are in the mood to read the story of a great sports person then choosing a Kogi book is also an option for you.

Reviews of the Book:

While choosing the perfect book for reading don’t forget to see the reviews for it. And now almost every new book is online. Then find the perfect book that matches the emotions of your mood. Reviews will help you know about the book. Its weak points and its strengths. And where the writer lost track. Don’t just buy or start reading the book that you think is the perfect book for your mood. There are many factors that push you to make these kinds of decisions. Like its cover of the outline etc.

Find the Perfect Book:

I wrote in the first line of this blog that there are millions of books. And if you have to find the perfect one then you should go and search on many libraries. Because there are plenty of options available. And you should have extra options for the backup purpose. As there is no guarantee that the first book you choose will be the perfect book according to the mood. So, for that reason, you should make a list of at least 5 books. that you are considering and you are thinking these are the perfect choice for you. And for making the list you should talk to your friends. Or take the suggestions from the people who love to read books and spend time around that.

Your Reading Environment:

The reading is incomplete without the perfect environment for that. And the environment should be according to your mood. Most libraries have the perfect environment to read books. Where there is complete silence. And everyone is busy reading their books. And this is what motivates the new readers. Also gives a boost to the old readers. Your room could be another perfect spot to read your perfect book. Because in your room. You are fully comfortable and can bring snacks or do anything you want. And that is why you can also choose the library, or home or any place like parks, etc. which you find ideal for you.

Some Tips:

When you are finding the perfect book according to your mood. Then you should consider the length of the book. And start the book when you know that you will finish it.

Also, check the list of bestsellers in your interest genre. Because this will help you go through the list of the books that are the most loved books in the category.

And if you have a favorite author for that genre, his books would be the perfect solution to your reading hunger.

Now, you are ready to find the perfect book for yourself according to your mood.


Finding the perfect book for reading might be difficult for you. But if you follow the process above then you can easily find the ideal one as per your mood. Like if you want to read about the life of some great person then read the Kogi book you should prefer. First, you have to know about the mood perfectly. Then go through genres and subcategories. Check the reviews, visit the library, and choose the perfect environment for yourself.

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