How to Change EML to PDF? – A Precise and Accurate Technique


In this article, I am going to facilitate you a quick approach to convert .eml to PDF. As we know file migration from one format to another has now become an indispensible part of the business professionals. Not just professional users but also there are school and college students, even home-users might also have a need to change file formats.  I took one of the most searched query i.e, how to change EML to PDF. Here we will lean how we can effortlessly execute this task in a minimal time and 100% accuracy. Besides that this blog will also helpful for you in terms of gaining some knowledge regarding EML and PDF file formats. Then we will move to the software solution to resolve your issue. Stay here for a while.

What is EML (Electronic Mail Format) File?

EML stands for an electronic mail, is file format or we can say extension particularly for an email message. EML file contains each email message as one single file, and it may also store attachment. It has also properties like date, sender and recipient detail and all other components of EML files. It is a standard file format of Outlook Express, and also there are several emails clients that create EML file, these are like Windows Live Mail, emClient, Thunderbird, Entourage, AppleMail, The Bat, and DreamMail etc.

PDF File Format(Personal Storage Table)

PDF file is able to capture all such elements that one printed documents usually have. Users may easily view, print, navigate, or share this document to someone. There are multiple of components that PDF contains like images, fonts, text data, links, audios, and videos etc. PDF files are generated by Adobe Acrobat, and It also be created through software that may save PDF documents. There are many utilities of PDF files, it is useful in project works, magazines article, etc. PDF is also the securest file format like there is no editing is allowed in the saved PDF files. Users may also protect their PDF files through utilizing its password-protection security.

CubexSoft EML Converter is an appropriable solution for the users query how to change EML to PDF. Let me tell you why, as this advanced utility helps to convert .eml to PDF in batch mode without any loss of attachments. And it negates all the limitations quiet well, and allows users to import EML files of all the email clients which support this format like Windows Live Mail, Entourage and Thunderbird, etc. And there is no requirement of installation of any EML-supported app. This method is suitable for all the users whether they are professional user or home users.  This simple technique ensures 100% accuracy. We will discuss the detailed features in the later part, firstly we understand how we can convert EML files to PDF with this software.

Follow These Simple Steps In Order to Resolve How to Change EML to PDF

Step1: Firstly, download and install EML to PDF Converter.

Step2: With given dual options such as “Add Files” and “Add Folder” load EML data as per requirement.

Step3: Now choose files from the loaded files, and also get a preview of each file.

Step4: Move towards “Export”, here on the select saving options, you may choose the “PDF” one.

Step5: Now add filter option, if required. And press “Browse” to select saving path accordingly.

Step6:  Then final press “Convert” button and click on “Ok” on a dialog box showcasing success message. Here, the status report of the migration also display in Notepad.

Let’s Know About EML to PDF Converter Tool in Detail

Dual Options Available to Select Files

EML to PDF Utility gives two options to load files conveniently. Users may select multiple number of files one by one, as per requirement. There is an option loading the whole folder also. And the conversion of multiple EML files and bulk EML file to PDF format is possible in single round, without any data loss.

Convert .eml to PDF With Attachments

The software helps you migrating EML files to PDF format with keeping the authenticity intact. So, users are able to get an exact data with all attachments after conversion. There is no such risk of data loss can trouble users.

Import EML Files of Any Size

EML to PDF Utility is an advanced way to convert .eml to PDF. It allows users to load and convert EML file of any size, there is no boundary fixed on size of files.

Easiest App to Transfer EML Files

Even if you are a user from non-tech field, still you can handle this software. It makes the procedure of file migration very simple. Thus, it is the most effortless way to tackle how to change EML to PDF.

Provide Select Destination Path Option

Users have a great convenience to select the desired saving path for storing the resultant files at their desired place.

Allow to Preserve Record of Migration

The software instantly showcases the complete status of the migration in Text file. And this file can also be saved for future keeping record for analysis.

Independent Utility

The software does not require external support from any email clients (EML-based). So there is no installation is required for an email app like Windows Live Mail, Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, DreamMail, AppleMail etc .

Let’s Sum Up

In the above illustrated blog, I have provided the best possible solution to how to change EML to PDF. I hope all your confusion has been cleared now. Users have options to use this app on Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, 11, 10, 7, 8. 8.1) and Mac Operating System ( Monterey, High-Sierra, Big-Sur, Mojave, Yosemite, and Catalina etc.). To get a clearer picture take a demo of the software that allows file migration of 25 EML files to PDF format free of cost. This software is well enough to fulfil users’ requirements. It has no such limitations that users face in the regular manual method. By opting for this method, users get an accurate solution in a minimal time with no fallacy.

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