How to backup and restore Google Workspace data?

backup and restore Google Workspace data

The number of users of Google Workspace is increasing day by day. According to the data, by 2021, more than billions of users will be using Google Gmail or Workspace for their business work. It is a must to backup Google Workspace data into a local drive to avoid future mishaps like accidental data loss, malware attacks, etc.

Google Workspace is a collaborative platform that comes with various user-centric features. It facilitates users with various productive web-based applications as well, including Gmail, Docs, Sheet, G Drive, and many more. Users will not face any kind of difficulty in accessing their data while they are working with Google Workspace.

If you want to know the G Suite backup solutions, I advise users to kindly read this blog until the end and get the solution to conduct this backup task.

Benefits of backing up your Google Workspace emails

Google Workspace is a totally web-based platform, so there are high chances of attack by viruses or any other future mishap. To save your data locally, users can avoid such kind of future mishaps. Let us learn more benefits of taking the backup of Google Workspace data.

  • By saving your data in a local drive, it will become easier to share and port to another system.
  • Moreover, if any employee leaves the organization, then they can save it locally by conducting the process to backup Google Workspace data.
  • Users do not need to think about accidental deletion, as by taking the backup, users can easily restore their data when it is needed.
  • If you have login your Google account in multiple systems, there are high chances of data being stolen, which can be avoided by exporting data to the local drive.

Now, we will introduce the best G Suite backup solutions so that users can do this task easily. Read the next section and understand the ways to keep the backup of your data.

Ways for saving Google Workspace data to a local drive

Generally, we use two solutions for having the backup of Google Workspace data, manual and professional way. The manual solution is free, and all users can use it to do this task. There are two manual solutions that users can use to perform this backup task, the Data Export tool for Admin and Google Takeout.

In a professional way, we are going to discuss a professional third-party tool like Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool. We suggest users understand the working of all the solutions and perform this backup task effectively.

How to backup Google Workspace emails manually?

As we already discussed that there are two ways to backup Google Workspace emails manually. Now, we will show you the stepwise working of both solutions.

#1 G Suite backup using the Data Export Tool

Follow the below steps to do this backup task using the Data Export Tool for Admin manual solution.

Step 1: First, you have to log in to Google Workspace Admin Console.

Step 2: Go to the Admin Console and hit the < button, and then click on the Data Export option.

Step3: Now, you simply need to choose the Start Export option and click on it.

Step 4: You will receive a link to your email address. Once it is received, click on it to download the data.

This method you can use to backup Google Workspace data, but ensure that you will be unable to backup for 30 days. With this method, you can only backup once a month.

#2 Google Takeout solution to backup Google Workspace data

In this method, we are going to use the Google Takeout method for moving your Google Workspace data to a local drive. Follow the below steps and do the G Suite backup easily.

Step 1: Log in with your email credential. To do it, click here.

Step 2: Pick out the data which you want to back up.

Step3: Now, you need to set the frequency to backup Google Workspace data and then click on the Create Export button.

Step 4: In this window, it will ask you to cancel the export or create another export.

Step 5: Here, you can easily download your data to a local drive.

Using these manual G Suite backup solutions, you can back up your data easily. But it has some limitations that are really necessary to know before you start your task manually.

As we explained above, the Data Export Tool only allows you to backup once a month. Moreover, these manual methods have a lot of variety in choosing the file format to backup Google Workspace data to a local drive. The Google Takeout solution only takes the backup in MBOX file format. Also, users have limited time to download their files with the help of these ways.

Let us discuss how a professional tool works to back up your data to a local drive. Read the next section to understand the stepwise procedure of the Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool.

A powerful way to export your Google Workspace data

To go with a secure and simple solution to backup your data, Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool is the best solution. This software keeps your data secure and provides a lot of file formats to save your data to a local drive. Users can choose large-sized as well as numerous mailboxes to backup in this software.

Moreover, it will not change the folder hierarchy and meta properties of the data while taking the backup. The tool is capable of managing various mailboxes at once without affecting the speed of the process.

Users can easily backup Google Workspace data in this tool as it offers a simple user interface. Moreover, users will not face any difficulty in backing up their data in other file formats.

It offers PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and other file formats to save the Google Workspace data in a local drive. Users can also schedule their backup tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To backup Google Workspace data of particular items, users can use its filter option.

No worries if you are not a technical guy; users can use this tool to work easily without any technical skills. Apart from this, it gives an incremental export option, which will take care of data by preventing it from duplicating items. Also, it will resume the process where it last ended.


With this blog, we learned three tricks to backup Google Workspace data easily. In the end, we are used to advising you to go with the Shoviv professional tool for a faster and more secure backup of your data. Moreover, users will be enabled to choose different file formats for taking the backup of their Gmail. If you want to know more about its features, kindly try its free demo version and process the first 50 items per folder.



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