How Mac User can open MBOX File in Mac without Opening Mail?

There are many users who want to open MBOX file in Mac without opening Mail. But the question is how it can be possible. Because MBOX is platform-dependent, it requires the support of email client to be accessible. So, how Mac user can open MBOX file in Mac without opening Mail. It’s a big question. But no worries, in the write-up you will come across a unique method which will help you to open MBOX file in Mac the way you want.

MBOX is a plain-text file that works as a container for the list of emails and store them in concatenated form. It is a format that several email clients uses to store the email messages and attachments of users and one of them is Mac Mail. However, these files are mostly used to backup, archive, and migrate email data between email applications. They are versatile, so they don’t support all the features of modern email systems such as attachments, rich text formatting and metadata. Some email clients use their own way to store their database which may not be directly compatible with MBOX.

What is the need to open MBOX file in Mac without Opening Mail?

Mac Mail is a default email client of Mac OS which sometimes refer to as only Mail. Many Mac users consider it as a personal information manager because it handles the personal database such as sending/receiving of emails, contacts, calendars, etc. really well. Sometimes Mac Mail users need to take backup of their critical files to protect their important data from malicious threats. So, Apple Mail is built-up with the Export Mailbox option with the help of users can extract their essential files in MBOX. However, you can go through the steps of the same mentioned in the next section.

Steps to Archive Emails in MBOX from Mac Mail

  1. Open Apple Mail email client on your Mac machine.
  2. Choose the required mailbox to export.
  3. Click the Mailbox option appearing in the menu bar.
  4. Select Export Mailbox… option.
  5. A window will appear, choose the required destination path to save MBOX file. Then either click Choose or Save.
  6. Apple Mail now start the export process and the time will depend on the size of the mailbox.
  7. After the export is successfully finished, go to the location that you have specified to save the mailbox. However, it will be saved with .mbox extension.

MBOX is a dependent file format which is a big disadvantage in a situation when a user want to read the emails stored in the same without any support. Because users face several unexpected errors in email applications on a daily basis which can affect the ongoing work as well. That is why they think about transforming them into a file format that is free to use such as PDF.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file type that users can easily access on any platform any time. They are secure, reliable, and flexible. PDFs are really a wise choice when it comes to safeguarding essential database. But how one can copy all the emails from MBOX file to PDF? Let’s check it out!

How Mac User can open MBOX File in Mac without Opening Mail? – [SOLVED]

The easiest way to open MBOX file in Mac without opening Mail is MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac. The application is secure, reliable, and easy-to-use. Any technical and non-technical user can operate the software independently and perform the conversion of MBOX files with ease. The operational steps are also short which will save the time of users, help in implementing the unlimited process in a minimum time.

Moreover, the software is launched with variety of features which are useful in implementing the required process according to the specific requirements. However, the free demo version is another beneficial aspect of the tool with the help of users can check the process to open MBOX file in Mac without opening Mail for free.

Working Steps to Open MBOX File in Mac without Opening Mail

Step 1. Download, install, and run the conversion tool on your macOS.

Step 2. Load the required MBOX files on the tool with the help of dual options i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder button. The Add File(s) button will help to add necessary MBOX files on the tool for conversion whereas Add Folder can help you to add a folder entirely carrying unlimited MBOX files on the tool for batch conversion. When done, click Next.

Step 3. The tool now starts listing MBOX files with checkboxes on the software pane one by one. The checkbox property is useful for those who wants to perform the conversion of selected MBOX files instead of the entire list. Click Next.

Step 4. Now set PDF options according to the requirements such as black and white mode, convert attachments to PDF, file naming options, and more. Click Next.

Step 5. Apply Filters as per your choice and then start the process by tapping Export button.

Step 6. The conversion process is now live and the application will show Live Conversion Window which will help in tracking the ongoing conversion status of MBOX files.

The process will complete within seconds and then “Conversion Completed” pop-up will appear confirming process completed successfully. Click on OK and then navigate to resultant PDF file location. You can open the required PDF document to check the output. However, you will see that the content is accurate and the other details such as images, hyperlinks, font, etc. are also appearing with 100% originality.


In the blog we have discussed the advanced solution to resolve “how Mac user can open MBOX file in Mac without opening Mail?” MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac application is a secure approach to opt. It has a lot of powerful features that help users to perform the process according to the specific requirements. One can download the free demo version of the software to get the desired results. It also allows to save first 25 MBOX files on Mac free of cost. Also Read – Export PST to Mac Outlook in Seconds



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