How Does Revision Work To Make Your Essay Writing Perfect ?

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As kids, it was mandatory to revise every other work, but as kids grew into students, they stopped revising their work. The students need to understand the importance of revising work before any submission because they have poured their hearts into completing the work and if due to any mistake, the work is rejected, all the efforts would be wasted. So the students should revise their work which will make their essays perfect. 

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Revising and Its Purpose

Revision is just like editing which includes changes in the main idea or topic. It also involves the reorganisation of the body paragraphs and including more examples. It also includes changes like fixing grammar and spelling errors, changing the voice from active to passive and vice versa, etc, The main question arises as to why it is important to revise the essay before submitting it. According to the essay writing services in London, the revising process gives the student an extra chance to look out for any mistakes and correct them. This will help the student gain some extra score on his/her essay.

How to revise an essay writing ?

Following are some of the steps which will help the student on how to revise an essay:

Going through the essay as  a whole:

If the student needs to cut a whole paragraph then there is no sense in perfecting the sentence. And also there will be no sense of focusing on that paragraph as well. For these reasons, the students need to make sure of the following:

  • Evaluate if it fulfils the purpose: 

It is important to double-check the essay and follow any instructions given by the teachers so that the students can make sure that they thoroughly address the instructions. With the help of the essay writing services in London, the students will be able to write each paragraph that has a connection with the argument.

  • Check the organisation:

The students need to revise the logical organisation of the essay. They need to make sure that the information provided in the essay is relevant or not, whether the information provides any background information, etc, The students are also required to check the structure of the essay and if it is not structured correctly then the students are advised to structure the essay logically. 

Dive into every paragraph:

The students should make sure that the information in each paragraph is strong and related to the topic and argument. The students should also need to ensure that every sentence is supporting the topic. The sentence must flow logically. The students need to make sure that there are no inconsistencies and if the student seems to find any then they need to resolve it.

Revise the content:

Revising the content is the most important stage of the revision process. While revising the essay, the student needs to check and focus on the overall structure, arguments and evidence. The student needs to check the following to revise the essay:-

  • Assess the thesis statement:

The thesis is the main idea of the essay which is conveyed to the readers. The thesis should always be clear and specific. The students need to make sure that the thesis statement reflects the key idea of the essay. If the students need any help regarding the thesis statement, they can get help from the essay writing services in London.

  • Introduction and Conclusion:

The introduction and the conclusion are the main part of the essay. While revising, the student needs to make sure that the introduction contains all the necessary information and the background of the topic, whereas the conclusion must contain the key points and offer closure to the essay.

  • Evaluate the arguments and evidence:

While revising, the students need to make sure that the arguments are based on the topic they are backed up with enough evidence so that the essay is not written on some baseless argument. The stronger the argument, the stronger the evidence to back up the argument. The students can even avail help from the essay writing services in London to generate stronger arguments and evidence.

  • Analyse the structure:

The above points should be followed while revising the essay, but it is important to also analyse the structure of the essay while revising to make the structure more logical.

Polish the essay language:

After revising the essay, the students need to refine the essay on a sentence level. The students should be able to express their ideas clearly and fluently. The students should avoid any complex sentences and be direct as much as possible. The sentences should not be long, if the students are finding long sentences they should try to split the sentences into two different sentences. The students should join the sentences using prepositions, conjunctions, etc, They should also look for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and correct them.

Apart from the above points, the students should also keep in mind the following points when they are revising the structure of the essay:

  1. Whether the essay follows a certain pattern?
  2. Do the body paragraphs of the essay are aligned with the topic?
  3. Is all the information mentioned in the essay accurate?
  4. Whether the resources are cited properly and correctly?
  5. Does the introduction contain background information on the topic?
  6. Are all the vital points touched accurately?
  7. If the body paragraphs of the essay are enough to hook the reader?


Every student should know the importance of last-minute revisions as it will help the essay look much better and the students will be able to score good marks. For better results, the students can avail help from the essay writing services in London. The expert writers will help and assist the students in every step of the essay including the revising and editing of the essay. The custom essay writing services in London will help the students in generating a quality essay which will help them score good grades and achieve success in their academic journey.



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