How Do I Migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365?


The file migration process is required for the users whenever they have to switch from one email client or email service provider to another one. Here in this blog, I will give you a detailed analysis of how do i migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365 in an automatic way, that provides batch file conversion in seconds. Let take some  users doubts regarding this issue. Then i will explain brief of software and detailed functions of GRP files to Office 365 migration app. Thereafter, you will be able to glimpse of working procedure to convert files of GRP to Office 365. Now let’s begin the blog.

Users Query – let’s Know and Understand Users Point of View

Hey, I am Chis Martin from San Francisco, I have an urgent requirement to convert my SmarterMail GRP files to Office 365 account. But I am unable to execute it with manual method, as the data in bulk and also I have not such technical knowledge to get intricacies of manual method. Please recommend a simple and precise solution to implement SmarterMail to Office 365 migration in batch. Thanks.

I am Christiana, I am looking for an automated app for converting bulk SmarterMail GRP to Outlook 365 account. But unfortunately could not get the exact one till now. If anyone knows about the correct approach then please contact me, I really need your guidance. Thanks in advance.

SmarterMail to Office 365 Converter- An Easy Way to Import Bulk SmarterMail File to Office 365

CubexSoft SmarterMail Converter Tool is a trusted approach for conversion and recommended by experts. It has successfully gained so many good reviews from users globally. The software supports SmartreMail migration detecting SmarterMail files and folder automatically.  The converter is able to import bulk Office file in OFFICE 365 in a single round with all of its attachments, images, hyperlinks, metadata, etc.

Enhanced Attributes SmarterMail Export Tool

  • There is the availability of advanced filters like date filter, attachments filter, email filter, etc. to convert only selective SmarterMail files.
  • Maintain all elements of data as it is, like formatting, images, metadata, hyperlinks, HTML content, text, unread status, etc.
  • Users can convert files of any size there is no limit to that. It supports the latest as well as old versions of Windows OS.
  • It works on entire Windows OS- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019.
  • This app is workable and understandable for all the users, with no such technical skill or guidance, users may use it.
  • After the completion of the conversion, the complete information of the converted data is displayed on the screen in TXT format.
  • Users can save their output data in their desired destination path by clicking on the browse button.
  • There is an option available such as “Exporting multiple users”. users can opt for it, as per requirement.
  • Availability of 24*7 consultancy service for any kind of technical help to convert SmarterMail files into Office 365 format.

Learn How do I Migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365?

The Followings are the Working Steps of the Software that are required to be taken to change files format:

Step1: Install SmarterMail to Office 365 Converter App on Windows.

open the program

Step2: There are two options here “Select File” and “Select Folder”.

select folder

Step3: Choose the Office 365 output option from “Select Saving Option” list. Then fill required login information (email ID and password) of Office 365 Account.

output option

Step4: Go with advanced filter options to specify particular GRP files to convert.

download tool

Step5: Now users have to select the Destination path to save the resultant data in their desired location.

download tool

Step6: Finally hit on the “Convert” button.

download tool

Why Do Users Import SmarterMail Files into Office 365 Format?

It’s important to know why it is so much of a requirement to keep the data in the Office 365 format. As Office 365 is known for easy file management and it is highly in demand by many organizations. It helps to records data in a systematic way. There is no other email client available that can be as safe as Office 365 as far as security is concerned. It helps in a great way to keep the data safe. Office 365 has some broader aspect then SmarterMail, as it comes with multiple applications.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SmarterMail to Office 365 Migration Utility

Can I analyse the efficacy of the software in advanced? Is there any demo facility?

Answer: You surely can test the app as there is free demo version of the app available. It is permissible to export 25 SmarterMail files GRP to Office 365 free of cost.

Is there limitations imposed on quantity of SmarterMail files to convert into Office 365?

Answer: No, No such limitation is imposed on quantity, users have complete advantage of converting unlimited files using utilizing this software.

Can SmarterMail to Office 365 Tool be operable on an older edition of Windows OS?

Answer: Yes, it is allowed to install and use this app on any Windows Operating Systems version for example – Windows XP, Windows 11, , Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 10 and many more.

Last Take on How do I migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365

In the above-mentioned article, I tried to explain the most effective conversion software, in order to solve users query how do I migrate from SmarterMail to Office 365, in a very simple way. This above stated software is very simple to use that even naïve people who have no knowledge of working on computers can also adopt this method without facing any complexities. There is a manual method available too for the conversion process but It consumes much time, and also not reliable one to opt for. Manual process seems difficult for people belonging to non-technical backgrounds. Every minor error can cause data loss, so users have to be so careful while going with the manual method of conversion. I hope that this blog will help you in a great way and helps in removing all your burden of complexities while converting files. Gain completer clarity getting demo facility that allows file migration of 25 GRP files totally free of cost.

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