Frontier Cancellation policy – A Comprehensive Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we, at Airlinesupdates, will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Frontier cancellation policy. We aim to assist you in navigating through the intricacies of their cancellation process, and we’re confident that this guide will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your travel plans. Let’s dive right in!


Welcome to Frontier Airlines, where we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction above all else. In this article, we will delve into the Frontier cancellation policy, outlining every aspect of the process to ensure you have a seamless experience with us. We understand that circumstances can change, and plans might need adjustments. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive cancellation policy to cater to your needs while providing clarity and convenience.

Understanding Frontier’s Cancellation Policy

At Frontier Airlines, we believe in transparency and customer-centric policies. Our cancellation policy has been crafted to offer flexibility and understanding to our valued passengers. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights:

1. 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation

We value your decision-making process, and we want you to have peace of mind when booking with us. That’s why we offer a 24-hour risk-free cancellation window. If you realize within 24 hours of booking your ticket that your plans have changed, you can cancel your reservation without incurring any fees. This policy applies to all ticket types, whether you’ve booked a one-way, round-trip, or multi-city itinerary.

2. Cancellation Fees and Timeframes

After the initial 24-hour risk-free period, certain cancellation fees may apply, depending on the type of fare you’ve purchased. To provide you with a clear understanding, we have categorized our fares into different tiers:

a. Standard Fare

Our standard fare is designed for passengers who prefer more flexibility with their travel plans. If you choose to cancel your standard fare ticket, a cancellation fee will apply, but the remaining balance of your ticket can be used as credit towards future travel with Frontier Airlines.

b. Basic Fare

For travelers who prioritize affordability, our basic fare option is the perfect choice. However, it comes with a slightly stricter cancellation policy. If you decide to cancel a basic fare ticket, the cancellation fee will be higher than that of a standard fare, and the remaining balance may not be eligible for credit towards future travel.

3. How to Cancel Your Ticket

To initiate the cancellation process, follow these simple steps:

a. Online Cancellation

The most convenient method to cancel your Frontier Airlines ticket is through our user-friendly website. Log in to your account, navigate to the “My Trips” section, select the itinerary you wish to cancel, and click on the “Cancel Flight” option. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re all set!

b. Contact Customer Support

If you encounter any issues during the cancellation process or prefer assistance from our friendly customer support team, feel free to give us a call. Our representatives are available 24/7 and will be more than happy to guide you through the cancellation procedure.

4. Exceptions and Special Considerations

We understand that certain situations are beyond your control, and we strive to be as understanding as possible. In case of unforeseen events such as serious illnesses, family emergencies, or natural disasters, we may consider waiving cancellation fees or providing additional assistance. To request special consideration, please contact our customer support team with supporting documentation.

5. Refunds and Travel Credits

If you are eligible for a refund due to cancellation, rest assured that we will process it promptly. Refunds will be issued through the original payment method, and you can expect to see the amount reflected within the standard processing time.

For passengers with canceled tickets who are eligible for travel credits, the credits will be automatically applied to your Frontier Airlines account. These credits can be used for future bookings, providing you with more flexibility and convenience.

Cancellation Timeframe and Refund Eligibility

Frontier Airlines typically allows passengers to cancel their reservations up to a certain timeframe before the scheduled departure. Please note that the refund eligibility depends on the type of ticket purchased. For instance:

2.1. Refundable Tickets

Passengers holding refundable tickets can cancel their reservations at any time before the flight’s departure and receive a full refund. However, it’s essential to check the refund processing time, as it may take several business days for the amount to reflect in your account.

2.2. Non-Refundable Tickets

If you’ve purchased a non-refundable ticket, the cancellation process might not yield a monetary refund. Instead, Frontier Airlines often provides the option to receive travel credits for future bookings. Keep in mind that these credits may have an expiration date and might not cover the full value of your original ticket.

3. Cancellation Fees and Charges

Cancellation fees are a standard practice in the airline industry, and Frontier Airlines is no exception. The cancellation fees vary based on factors such as the ticket type, the timing of the cancellation, and the destination. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

3.1. Refundable Tickets

While refundable tickets usually do not incur a cancellation fee, it’s always best to review the fare rules and guidelines applicable to your specific booking.

3.2. Non-Refundable Tickets

Frontier Airlines typically charges a cancellation fee for non-refundable tickets. The amount of the fee may vary depending on when the cancellation occurs. Generally, the earlier you cancel, the lower the fee will be.

3.3. Waivers and Exceptions

In some cases, Frontier Airlines may offer waivers or exceptions to their cancellation fees. These situations may include medical emergencies, military deployments, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the passenger’s control. However, passengers must provide appropriate documentation to support their request for a fee waiver.

4. Canceling a Reservation – Step by Step

To cancel your Frontier Airlines reservation, follow these simple steps:

4.1. Visit the Official Website

Head to Frontier Airlines’ official website and locate the “Manage My Booking” section. You will need to log in with your reservation details to access your booking.

4.2. Retrieve Your Booking

Once logged in, retrieve your booking by entering your reservation code and the last name of the primary passenger.

4.3. Select Cancellation Option

After accessing your booking, select the cancellation option. Frontier Airlines’ system will guide you through the cancellation process.

4.4. Confirm Cancellation and Review

Before finalizing the cancellation, review all the details to ensure accuracy. Double-check any fees or credits associated with the cancellation.

4.5. Receive Confirmation

Once you complete the cancellation process, Frontier Airlines will send you a confirmation email. Keep this email for your records.

5. Managing Cancellations with Customer Support

If you encounter any issues while attempting to cancel your reservation online or have specific queries regarding Frontier’s cancellation policy, do not hesitate to reach out to their customer support team. They are available to assist you with any concerns and provide personalized guidance.

6. Making Changes to an Existing Reservation

In some instances, you might need to modify your travel plans instead of canceling the reservation outright. Frontier Airlines permits certain changes to bookings, such as adjusting the travel dates or the destination. However, it’s essential to review the terms and conditions related to ticket changes and associated fees.


At Frontier Airlines, we prioritize your satisfaction and strive to offer a seamless and transparent experience. Our cancellation policy is designed to cater to your needs while providing you with the flexibility to adjust your travel plans. Whether it’s the risk-free 24-hour cancellation window, the categorization of fares, or our understanding of exceptional circumstances, we aim to make your journey with us enjoyable from beginning to end.

Next time you plan a trip, consider Frontier Airlines for a stress-free travel experience. Should you need to cancel or modify your plans, our comprehensive cancellation policy has you covered.

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