Factors to Consider When Choosing an MSD Assay Service Provider

MSD assay service

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) offers robust technology to quantify analytes in complex biological samples. This technology combines electrochemiluminescence detection and multi-array technology to deliver a broader dynamic range and higher sensitivity than traditional immunoassays. Besides, it covers a wide range of biological applications with more than 500 assay types provided through custom panels or reagent kits. Hence, many bioanalytical laboratories have started offering MSD assay services. However, choosing an ideal partner may become challenging. The current article discusses different factors drug developers should consider when identifying an ideal MSD assay service provider. 

Considerations for selecting MSD assay service providers

MSD ECL assays employ multi-array technology that has arrays within wells to deliver highly dense and rapid experimental data. This technology, when combined with multi-spot plates, can help quantify multiple analytes in a single reaction volume. These multi-spot plates come in 96 and 384 wells, with each well having up to 10 spots. Multi-spot and multi-array technology saves samples through low sample volumes and multiplexing capacities. These features deliver sensitive and rapid results compared to traditional immunoassays. Hence, MSD biomarker assays can efficiently analyze numerous cytokines without multiple dilutions. Identify MSD assay services providers who can work with 384-well plates with ten spots to deliver highly dense data. 

MSD ELISA assays have two primary instruments: MSD Sector S600 MM and Meso QuickplexSQ 120 MM. The Meso Quickplex SQ120 MM is a highly versatile tool offering greater flexibility. This instrument is ideal for low-cost experiments and generating reliable results. On the other hand, the Meso Sector S600 MM is an ultra-sensitive industrial capacity plate imager equipped with a high-speed low-noise CCD camera to offer rapid read times, higher sensitivity, and a broader dynamic range. Choose an MSD assay service provider that has expertise in both these instruments as well as experience in handling MSD software for generating and analyzing assay results. 

A majority of Meso Scale Discovery multiplex assays are sandwich assay-based methods. They employ Sulfo-tag labels to deliver higher sensitivities. Besides, MSD offers the alternative of transferring existing ELISA onto the MSD platform. Hence, reliable MSD assay service providers should be capable of helping clients convert existing assays onto the Meso Scale Discovery platform. 

Due to its versatility, MSD assays can perform experiments in multiple ways. MSD direct binding methods are ideal for single antibodies. On the other hand, sandwich immunoassays are employed when researchers have an antibody pair. Notably, bridging MSD immunoassays are increasingly employed for sensitive immunogenicity evaluations and achieving increased free drug tolerance. Choose an assay provider that can effectively identify research needs and select appropriate assay methods. 

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Meso Scale Discovery also offers prototype printing services for customizing assays. Customers can coat the assay plates with materials of their choice. They can choose the plate type, coating buffer, and coating concentrations. Hence, find laboratory partners who can identify the right coating solution for experiments. 

Similar to other bioanalytical methods, such as LC-MS systems and DD PCR services, MSD assays require robust development and validation initiatives. An ideal partner laboratory should have expertise and knowledge about assay development, validation, implementation, and transfer. 



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