Factors Influencing the Costs of International Auto Shipping

If you’re bringing your car, you’ll want to figure out how to ship a car overseas in a way that makes the most sense for your move and your budget as soon as possible. While sending a vehicle to another country isn’t cheap, it’s certainly less expensive than buying a new car when you arrive.
Several factors will always influence the cost of international auto shipping, including:
The Manufacturer and the Model
The larger your vehicle, the more space it will require and the higher the shipping cost. The same is true for high-end or vintage automobiles. They necessitate more care and more expensive insurance.
Shipping Distance
The shorter the distance, the less expensive shipping your car internationally will be. This is because the number of miles traveled is taken into account.
Travel Style
Shipping your car by plane is far more expensive than sending it by boat. International auto shipping has several options, some of which are more cost-effective than others.
The Seasons
Weather conditions in both the United States and the country of destination, such as winter weather or the threat of a hurricane during hurricane season, are important considerations.
If you have a flexible schedule, we recommend gathering shipping quotes at different times of the year to see if you can lower the cost that way.
Economy shipping vs. expedited shipping
Economy shipping takes longer, but it is cheaper. Expedited shipping shortens the time on the boat by several weeks but increases the overall cost.
Other costs to consider when shipping a car
When transporting a car to another country, keep the following expenses in mind:
Insurance for the Sea
Even if your shipping company does not require it, it is always a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance that will protect the investments of your car when it is on open water. Check with your current car insurance provider to see if they provide marine insurance. Alternatively, obtain marine insurance from a third party.
Charges for Travel to and from the Destination
When your car arrives in your new country’s port, it must be trucked off the freight carrier and safely navigated through customs. You will need an agent to do this for you because you are not allowed to do it yourself. Most international auto shipping companies employ agents at the port or can point you in the right direction to finding one.
Duty on Imports
Customs duty is a tax levied on goods shipped internationally. You will need to check with the port of your moving country to learn about customs fees. This fee is typically calculated as a total percentage of the item’s value.
Taxes and Fees not included
When shipping a car overseas, you may be charged sales tax, processing fees, and other fees. Your shipping company can provide an estimate but leave some wiggle room in your budget.
Moving to another country can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you bring your car. Finding the right company to handle your international auto shipping should be simple, thanks to the network of reputable and reliable international movers.


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