Can we export Thunderbird email into MSG?-Complete Explanation

export Thunderbird email into msg

Email is one of the important parts of modern communication in this digital world. Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook are the two major email clients in the business industries. Even after the rise of web-based email clients, these desktops do not lose their utility because of the advanced features that they offer to users and handling multiple accounts at the same time. Both Emails use different formats for their emails thunderbird uses MBOX to store email and Outlook uses the MSG format to store single message files. Whenever Thunderbird users try to shift to Outlook. They always think can we export Thunderbird Email into MSG format by using MBOX Converter

In this article, we discuss the issues regarding the export of Thunderbird messages to MSG files, what is the reason for these transfers, and the methods.

Firstly understand what is MSG. It is the file format used by MS Outlook to store a single email file it is stored in Outlook mailbox which is in PST format. You can open MSG in Outlook easily.

 Need To Export Thunderbird Messages to MSG Format  

There are several reasons for Thunderbird users to move to Outlook MSG format.

  • Changing messages to MSG files allows you to access your email in the Outlook environment which gives more advanced options. 
  • Outlook is used by a larger number of users than Thunderbird. So, it is more convenient to change Thunderbird email to MSG format.
  • MSG is integrated with Outlook and other Microsoft products which increases its compatibility.
  • The MSG format is more structured compared to others. It maintains email along with its metadata and attachments.
  • It is easily managed and manipulated using various Window-base tools and libraries.
  • It encapsulates the email with its attachments efficiently compared to MBOX. Attachments are stored within MSG files with their attachments.

Methods for Export Thunderbird Email into MSG File Format 

As we the importance of the MSG file. Now we have to think about the solution how can we export Thunderbird Email into the MSG file? We have an automated method to complete this task with full data security.

Automated Method Export Thunderbird Messages to MSG Format 

This is a direct solution that is able to transfer our Thunderbird email to Outlook MSG format. Without any data loss and corruption of the file. Here, we use the SysTools Thunderbird Converter which is one of the popular tool in industries for the export Thunderbird email into MSG format.

Follow the Steps to Use this Tool 

  • First of all download & install the tool in your system.
  • Lunch this Tool in your System.
  • Click on the Add Folder option from the top left corner to access the Thunderbird in this tool for the format change process.
  • A new popup is open > Select the Thunderbird from “Select an Email Application”.
  • Choose “Select file(s)/folder from File System” from right side options
  • Tap the Next button to proceed.
  • Browse & navigate to the location of the Thunderbird mailbox and click on the proceed button to add the folder to this tool.
  • Now, all emails are visible on the main dashboard Select the desired email if you don’t select any email take all emails into consideration. 
  • Go to the Export Button and A popup is open for further options.
  • Select the MSG from the Export Type options.
  • Give the destination location where you want to save the resultant Lotus file.
  • Advanced settings are also available like a Date filter if you want to a particular mail between particular dates check if you want.
  • Check on Maintain Folder Hierarchy in the resultant file. 
  • Hit the Export button to start the process. 

Benefits of using This Tool For Using in Export Thunderbird Email into MSG File

  • This tool offers multiple conversions with their attachments.
  • Provide you with an advanced data range filter.
  • No file size restriction can handle large files efficiently.
  • Support MBOX, MSF, and SBD files from Thunderbird.

Manual Method for Export Thunderbird Messages to MSG Formats

There is no direct manual method to save Thunderbird email to MSG formats. But there is an indirect length process exits that we will discuss next.

Follow the Steps to Perform This Method

  • First, drag & drop all the emails from Thunderbird to the desktop.
  • Now, Right-click on it and Open with is with Outlook.
  • When your email is open in Outlook Go to the home.
  • Click on the Move to  > select the other Folder.
  • Now, select the destination folder like Draft Inbox in which you want to move your file.
  •  Click on the OK button.

Limitation of This Method

  • This is a very repetitive process because which user repeats the method of each mail.
  • This is a very time-consuming process.
  • In this method, there is a high risk of data loss and corruption if you take any wrong steps you might lose your data.

Indirect Method to Save Thunderbird Email as MSG Format

Technically there is no indirect method other than this to export Thunderbird to MSG format. If you find any method on the internet do not go with that without taking a backup of your all data because it might cause data loss and file corruption and if you do not take a backup you will lose data forever.

If you think of any online method. So, do not go with that site because they have stolen your data. If your thunderbird contains any crucial information related to business and finance. Then it will harm you in the long term.


In this blog, we discuss what is msg and the benefits of MSG files over Thunderbird file format, and the best and most direct method for export Thunderbird messages to MSG format. We also talked about the one manual method you can consider if you have to export one or two emails to MSG from Thunderbird but this method has serious implications regarding the conversion process. So, it’s better to go with the automated tool method for export Thunderbird email into MSG files. Do not go with the Online converter they stole your important data

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