Easy-to Operate Methods to Export & Save Windows Live Mail EML Emails to PST


Summary/Overview: This article provides three ways to send Windows Live Mail messages from the viewpoint of a separate PC. The first way uses Windows Experience Mail’s built-in assets function; the second gets records straight from the source area; and the third—and most trustworthy—uses an EML to PST converter. The article highlights how to protect your data, you must switch from Windows Live Mail to Outlook because Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail. It offers detailed instructions and processes to ensure seamless migration from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

What Benefits Does Using Microsoft Outlook Provide Over Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail falls short of Outlook in the same aspects and benefits. If you’re looking for an even more amazing and detailed email understanding, Microsoft Outlook is the ideal choice. Some of the main advantages of Outlook versus Windows Live Mail are as follows:

  • Better organization: Outlook makes it simple to organize communications into various envelopes and subfolders, assisting in the retrieval of outdated correspondence and providing more effective management of important conversations.
  • Increased search function: Outlook’s query function is significantly more capable than Windows Live Mail’s, guaranteeing more accurate and lucid query outcomes.
  • Several customization choices: Outlook offers a multitude of customization options that enable users to configure the program to their liking. This entails changing how emails are displayed, adding and deleting toolbar buttons, and much more.
  • Better support for external accounts: Outlook makes updates to the most widely used process for adding and controlling accounts from other service providers, including Gmail. However, there isn’t much support for external accounts in Windows Live Mail.
  • Improved security: Outlook combines robust security measures to protect communications from phishing and viruses. Windows Live Mail falls short of some critical security measures.

First Strategy: Using Windows Live Mail to Commodify

The ability to trade mail items directly to Microsoft Trade or in MS WLM design on a comparable PC is provided by Windows Live Mail. Regardless, delivering messages to the Outlook program on a different framework necessitates finding a workaround and ensuring that Outlook is not active during the cycle. The detailed steps for shipping items to MS Trade are as follows:

1. Launch Windows Live Mail and choose Record > Product Email > Email Messages from the menu.
2. Select Microsoft Trade and click Instantaneous.
3. A message of confirmation will appear. To proceed, click OK.
4. Snap right after selecting Outlook from the drop-down selection for the profile name.
5. Select the Select envelopes or All envelopes option in the Product Messages exchange, then click the right button.
6. The state of the commodities cycle will be illustrated in another discourse.
7. Following completion, you’ll receive an affirmation message.
8. Launch Outlook to examine the item.

You can easily download your WLM mail items as a PST file using the Import/Commodity feature after trading them to Trade, and then save them on a device with the capacity of your choosing.

Method #2: Via the Windows Live Mail record section

You can use a capacity device and the following methods to transfer WLM data stored on your system in the ELM configuration to a different PC:

1. Normally, the WLM records are located in your framework’s companion catalog:
C:Users[Username] AppDataLocalWindows Live Mail by Microsoft
2. Make copies of the files from this location to the storage device.
3. Set up the new PC to be connected to the stashing device.
4. Forward the Outlook client to the newly acquired PC and create an additional envelope for importing the WLM records.
5. I just made all of the duplicate papers from the capacity device simpler by using the newly created Outlook envelope.

Method #3: Use the Softaken EML to PST Converter to Convert EML to PST

It is frequently observed that Windows Live Mail components are hidden within the EML design framework. As previously mentioned in Strategy #1, Windows Live Mail implicitly has the ability to send messages to MS Trade, but it is slow to respond, and there is a risk of information loss. The second strategy is both time-consuming and has a significant risk of information loss since it involves manual message exchange and drag-and-dropping of messages to another Outlook organizer.

Using an expert third-party program, such the Softaken EML to PST Converter, is recommended to prevent these issues. In addition to automatically showing all EML documents on your PC, this utility offers a more efficient and straightforward method for converting & transferring EML messages to Outlook. The software can run on any version of Windows OS, even the most recent one. Download the free trial version of this program to see its latest features and functions.

Detailed Instructions on How to Run the Editing Application:

1. Once the software has been obtained, install it on your framework.

2. From the list of source document designs, select “EML Files” or “EML Folder” and click on it immediately.

3. Choose the EML files that you need to transfer to Outlook right away from your nearby framework.

4. Select “Convert to PST Document Organization” to instantly snap the source record arrangement.

5. To find the record-saving section on your neighborhood envelope where the modified PST document has to be saved, click the Peruse button.

6. To start the transformation interaction, click the Proselyte Currently button after selecting the record-saving region.


Unlimited & Sophisticated Users of This Program:

  • The app can be run on any Windows OS version.
  • There are no chances of data loss.
  • Users can use this app in any MS Outlook version, whether it’s new or old.
  • With the help of this app, users can save their exported data at the required location on the desktop.
  • Users can get the free demo edition of this app without any payment.
  • A smart preview is available before converting EML files to PST format.

Last Thoughts,

In this blog, users can easily learn the techniques to convert EML files to PST file formats. Users can use the software method to convert EML files to the PST file format. Try the free demo edition of this app to see the latest features and capabilities of this software.

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