Escape to Paradise: Top Destinations to Explore in Kashmir this Summer

Escape to Paradise: Top Destinations to Explore in Kashmir this Summer

Looking for a summer getaway to get some respite from the scorching heat? Well, swapping out those city sirens for some serene sirens would just be the best way to do that?

And what would be a better place than Kashmir, the crown jewel of India. With mesmerising views and scenic beauty, this place is your ticket to paradise.

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And not to forget the delicious food and warm hospitality by the locals that makes the trip all the more memorable.

Read on to know the best places to visit in Kashmir that are guaranteed to make your summer cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of raita.

1. Srinagar:

Let’s start off with Summer Capital which will make you fall in love with the place the moment you enter here.

Imagine cruising on the shimmering Dal Lake in a shikara, with the mighty Himalayas photobombing your every selfie.

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And not to forget the lovely garden of the city. The Mughal Gardens are like walking through a live Pinterest board.

Don’t miss out on the local markets either; the beautiful handicrafts are as colourful as the tales of the friendly vendors.

A summer evening in Srinagar, with a light breeze stirring the surface of the lake, is nothing short of magical. For accommodation, the hotels in Srinagar, Kashmir, are just perfect for a luxury stay.

2. Gulmarg:

Next stop, Gulmarg, or as I like to call it, the playground of the gods. It is not summer in Kashmir without a visit to this meadow of gold.

Gulmarg In Summer: Embracing the Warmth and Natural Beauty

In the warmer months, Gulmarg transforms into a carpet of green dotted with wildflowers. And if you are feeling sporty, you can hit the golf course, the highest in the world!

Don’t miss the gondola ride by which you can enjoy the stunning views of the snow-capped peaks even in summer. It will be like Switzerland, but closer to home!    

3. Pahalgam:

If you are looking for a charming village vibe, then Pahalgam is your go-to place. From soothing riverside retreats to adventurous treks, it has everything to make your trip fun.

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Whether you plan horseback riding by the Lidder River or hiking to the serene Sheshnag Lake, every trail and path invites you to unwind and reconnect with nature. And the local cuisine is a must try.

Your taste buds will be doing a happy dance with every spoonful of Rogan Josh or saffron-laced Kahwa tea.

4. Sonmarg:

This place is straight out of a fantasy book. It is the less crowded cousin of Gulmarg and equally mesmerising. The drive to Sonmarg itself is a visual treat, with the Sindh River flowing alongside.

Sonmarg In Ganderbal District, Srinagar - A Must Visit | So Srinagar

You can plan a trek to the Thajiwas Glacier, where summer casually meets winter. Picnic beside sapphire alpine lakes or simply lay back and count the countless stars that light up the night sky.

Kashmir is not just a destination, it is a slice of heaven right here on Earth. Now that you know the best places to visit in Kashmir in summer, plan your trip soon.

You just might find yourself coming back every summer, because some memories, especially those with places as charming as Kashmir, are meant to last a lifetime.



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