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3 Seater sofa

Home the name itself has a unique warmth in it. Since childhood, the home has always been synonymous with a place of love, peace and calmness. Home can provoke a series of emotions at the same time. Once You have built a home, the next step is to make your own. By making it your own, we mean making it a place that reflects your personality and taste. Every nook and corner has a story in itself. Home is a catalogue of memories that speaks a thousand words in just a blink.

Everyone dreams of designing their home in a special way. From that 3 seater sofa to that coffee table, we have pictures and designs for everything in our minds. Today, we are going to discuss living room decor in this blog. The living room is often the heart of the home, a place where family and friends gather to relax, converse, and create lasting memories. It is the entertainment hub of a home with maximum footfall. 

Designing or decorating any room is not only about making it aesthetically pleasing but also about keeping it comfortable. With so many expectations, anyone will be overwhelmed with the idea of decorating such an important room. Not to worry, we can help you decorate your place in your way while offering the support you need. Be it selecting that 3 seater sofa or the recliner, we can help you to go through this journey with ease.

Before diving into the world of designs, ideas, furniture and whatnot, you need to sit and relax and ask a few questions from yourself. These questions and answers will help you lay a strong foundation for what will come. Let’s start here – 

What is your Budget?

There should always be a number in mind. Most of us have a set budget in our minds for everything. Keep your number handy. Analyze how much you can spend on decorating your living room. Now, decrease it by 15-20%; the new number is your budget. More often than not, people go over budget in designing and decorating their space. The reduced number will help you to avoid going overboard on budget.

Do you have precise measurements of your space?

Yes, the measurements are in the home’s architect’s design. But that design was for building the space. To decorate, you need measurements of the area from every nook and cranny. Keep a clear picture of doors, windows, how they open and how much space they take when they open or close. You don’t want to move your furniture whenever somebody opens the door. Keep the sketch in hand while shopping for your decor items. Lack of accurate measurement can lead to unwanted accidents and wrong-sized furniture. You might not want your 3 seater sofa to look awkward in its space.

Do you have a layout in mind?

How do you want your space? Are you a minimalist or like having a collection of things? With keeping this in mind, imagine your room and the items you wish to be there. Things like rugs, throw blankets, a 3 seater sofa, a 3 seater sofa or a corner sofa set, coffee table, table lamp, etc. Once you have a layout of your room and what you are looking to add to your decor, shopping becomes easy. Be flexible, and yes, you can deviate from the list of items you imagined to have.

Do you have experience in shopping for furniture?

Next big question, do you know how to shop for furniture? If yes, then you are good to go. But if there is a doubt, make sure to seek assistance either from a friend, family member or professional. Impulse buying is good when it is limited to groceries and clothes. When it comes to furniture, impulse buying can quickly clutter your space.

Do you believe in feng shui?

So, feng shui is in trend, and many people believe in the positive outcomes of the same. If you are a believer, then it’s better to study and ask for assistance. The directions and setting of the furniture matter in feng shui. So gather information before you step foot in the furniture store.

Don’t worry, we are not stopping here. We told you we were here for the whole journey. Now, remember, we don’t want to influence your mind by throwing ideas your way; instead, we want to help you to achieve your goal efficiently. Here are some more tips you can keep in mind moving forward.

  • Keep a healthy balance of dark and light colours in your room. Using too much colour will make your room look small and give out dark vibes. At the same time, keeping a healthy balance and contrasting colours in the room will enhance the look and ambience.
  • Lighting is a most necessary accessory for the room. It plays a vital role in setting the mood and creating a focal point. From lampshades to chandeliers, pick what suits your needs and keep the room lightened up.
  • Don’t compromise with comfort. People don’t hang out for a minute or two. These fun-filled gatherings go on for hours, and uncomfortable furniture can make it hard for people to keep sitting in one place for a long duration.
  • Welcome conversation! Just because you are talking with everyone does not keep conversations going. Plan the room in a way that everyone can speak to each other in a comfortable space without becoming an odd one out. Design the sitting in a way that encourages conversation and is not in a single-line format.

Wrapping up:

There are many more questions that you will face while picking out things for your living room. However, in a broader sense, the 5 questions mentioned in the blog have covered it all. These answers will create a benchmark for the other decisions to make regarding everything from the 3 seater sofa to armchairs. Your living room is a canvas for creativity, a space where you can experiment with decor ideas to express your style and make it a welcoming, comfortable haven.

Don’t be shy from mixing and matching; add your personal flair, making the room a reflection of your personality and taste. This is your space, and I need to speak about you. We can guide you in the planning of making it memorable, in the end, it’s you who will make it memorable. Everyone enjoys a splash of creativity in the world of comfort. Be it your 3 seater sofa or a dixie stool, it’s on you to decide what is needed most for your space.



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