7 Best Ecommerce Companies in UK for Social Media Marketing

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Now, businesses are getting into the online world. Ecommerce is predicted to increase  $7,528 billion in sales by 2025. If you aim to improve sales on an affordable budget then go for top ecommerce platforms. Sellers may be able to reach a larger client base in both domestic and foreign markets. So, having an ecommerce solution is the best way to be successful in a competitive market. 

However, having just an ecommerce solution is not enough nowadays. Businesses are also getting into social media. So, if you have the decision to get into the digital world, then read the blog to get the top 7 ecommerce companies in the UK, who can help you in social media marketing. 

7 Best Ecommerce Companies in UK for Social Media Marketing

Let’s discover the top 7 best ecommerce companies that can help in social media marketing that improves the conversion. 

  • DigitilizeWeb

DigitilizeWeb, an ecommerce development company uk, specialises in creating engaging ecommerce websites and putting social media marketing plans into action. They have in- depth knowledge of ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Their team customise marketing strategies that appeal to the target markets of their customers. DigitilizeWeb prefers to create brand loyalty and drive conversion and engagement. Having worked with more than 99 happy customers, its knowledgeable staff guarantees a smooth transition between social media and ecommerce, increasing online presence and driving sales. 

  • Honest London

A small ecommerce company in the UK, Honest London is dedicated to giving its social media marketing service to their customers that provide excellent returns. This company prioritises Return on Investment (ROI) while fostering long-lasting connections with its clients. They have witnessed the difficulties clients have in locating a social media firm that truly produces the outcomes they have been promised because they have been in this business for a long time. 

  • Spin Brands

Spin Brands is a creative and innovative ecommerce company that can help clients with social media marketing that blends strategy and innovation to produce impactful campaigns. To provide visually striking and lasting social media experiences, their dynamic team of strategists, designers, and content creators collaborates.  Because of its extensive network of influencers in a variety of areas, the agency can create powerful alliances between influencers and ecommerce companies. Their use of influencer marketing raises the visibility and legitimacy of the brand.

  • Soap Media

With a proven track record of success in social media marketing for top companies in a variety of industries, including B2B, ecommerce, healthcare, and the public sector, Soap Media is a smart and creative ecommerce web development business. They provide a comprehensive digital strategy that ensures a coordinated approach to connecting with today’s consumers. With their results-driven methodology, Soap Media guarantees that ecommerce agencies get real results from their social media campaigns. They assist companies in thriving in the digital sphere by concentrating on producing leads and increasing revenue.

  • Born Social

Ecommerce merchants looking to leave a lasting impression may find what they need with Born Social, a creative-led ecommerce development business. Creating captivating content and engaging experiences that connect with viewers on a variety of social media platforms is their team’s area of expertise.  In a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, cosmetics, applications, and NGOs, they have collaborated with major companies. Snickers, Veet, Tinder, Greenpeace, L’Oréal, Chilly’s, and Uber are a few of these businesses.

  • Giraffe

Giraffe is a specialised ecommerce development company that specialises in providing social media marketing. Their team has experience in a variety of sectors, which enables them to create tactics that are tailored to certain target audiences. It incorporates environmentally friendly solutions into its services and encourages sustainable business practices. Giraffe’s industry-specific knowledge guarantees that its social media tactics are precisely tailored to the specialty of each ecommerce customer, producing highly focused campaigns that provide significant outcomes.

  • Shop Wired

ShopWired is a prominent ecommerce platform in the UK that has helped several businesses in social media marketing regardless of size, in launching their online stores.  Customers give them great marks for their user-friendly site, feature-rich collection, and first-rate UK-based support staff. In terms of design, ShopWired offers twenty well-designed, free-to-use mobile responsive themes. Each theme comes with a live customizer that gives users even more creative flexibility. 


These seven of the best UK-based ecommerce development company uk  provide a range of specific services for social media marketing. Every agency has different methods and skills, ranging from data-driven decision-making to personalised techniques. Through the selection of an agency that most closely matches your brand’s objectives and principles, you may effectively leverage social media to expand your ecommerce enterprise. For your ecommerce project, don’t forget to go through case studies, talk with experts, and perform extensive research before choosing the ideal social media partner.

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