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legend Saravanana Arul

India is the land of movies as there are millions and millions of movies made every year in India and we are not just talking about Bollywood as there are many people who consider Bollywood to be the only film industry in India. Apart from Bollywood, India has a lot of other movie industries like Tollywood, Kollywood and Ollywood and there are many popular figures in these industries too that people know about and want to know more about. 

One of the most famous figures in the Kollywood film industry is the celebrated actor, entrepreneur and film Producer Saravanan Arul. There are a lot of people who want to know about legend Saravanana Arul and all the important information about his life so, in the guide, you will get to know about all the important information about his life like his personal life, net worth and movie business. 

Overview of Saravanan Arul 

Arul is a very prominent figure in the Kollywood industry and this is why there are a lot of people who want to know about him and his life. He has worked in the industry as an actor, a film producer and apart from this he is also a very famous and big entrepreneur. Professionally, he is the owner of the business started and established by Legend Sarvanan.

Before coming into the acting industry, he was working in business however, after appearing in a commercial for his company with Hansika Motwani and Tammanah, he gained a massive fan following and received a very big buzz. This commercial proved to be the turning point in his career as he received offers from movies and stepped into the Kollywood film industry. 

Saravanan Arul is a notable finance manager, entertainer, and web-based entertainment sensation in Indian film. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu he was conceived. He is notable for assuming driving parts in various Tamil and Telugu films. Here, we give every one of the subtleties you would be keen on finding out about Saravanan Arul, including the name of his significant other, his identity, his total assets, and the sky is the limit from there.

He has gotten savaging via online entertainment for showing up in his own shopping store’s adverts close by notable Indian entertainers Tamannaah and Hansika Motwani, yet it likewise assists him and his store with acquiring more noteworthy notoriety. Saravana Arul made his acting presentation in 2019 in an untitled Tamil film as both a maker and a legend. Indian model Deethika Tiwary is the film’s courageous woman.

Wife of Saravanan Arul 

The actor is not married currently however, he was married in the past to Suryashree. The actor got divorced from his wife a long time ago and the reasons for the divorce have been kept private. There are not a lot of people who know about this marriage and think that he is a bachelor. 

Age of Saravanan Arul 

He was born into the world on July 10, 1970, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He’s an Indian film entertainer, money manager, and Web-based entertainment star as well as a financial specialist. He is a short and liberal individual. Saravanan Arul gave 1 crore rupees for the “Kaja typhoon” in November 2018, which was a record for the year.

You might think that Saravanan Arul is not very aged because of his youthful appearance however, you will be shocked to know that the actor was born in 1970 which means that currently, he is 51 years old. Arul has maintained his health a lot and has focused on his body which has ensured his fitness and youthful approach to life. 

The Net worth of Sarvanan Arul 

Saravanana arul net worth is a question that is searched a lot by people as they want to know about the massive wealth generated by his brilliant celebrity and entrepreneur. Arul is a very popular business and a movie producer and this is the reason that his net worth is around Rs. 200 crores which is massive. His investments in the movie business and his multinational company have allowed him to be a very big businessman. 

Family of Saravanan Arul 

Saravanan Arul hails from a very brilliant and repudiated family as he is the grandson of Saravanan Nadara and the son of Saravana Selvarathinam. The actor, although divorced has kids from his marriage. He has three children in total, one son and two daughters about whom the world does not know much. He keeps a close contact with his family and is considered a family man as he spends quality time with his family while managing his business and other work. 

Saravanan Arul Career

Saravanan Arul began his vocation through his privately-run company’s. He is the proprietor of a few well known retail outlets, for example, “Saravana Selvarathinam”, “Legend Saravana” alongside “The Legend New Saravana Stores”. His business achievement, it’s the obligation of his uncle and father.


Notwithstanding his business, he is additionally an entertainer. He earned more respect for his acting abilities when he acted in an ad with Hollywood’s most famous stars Tamannaah as well as Hansika Motwani to advance his own web-based store. He was at last savaged on the web for his presentation with these entertainers who are skilled for his store. In any case, it worked and because of savaging, his stores and himself had the option to acquire notoriety and that is the objective he has set for himself.


Saravanan Arul Wikipedia

Brought up in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. His zodiac sign is Disease. He moved on from school, but as his family is a laid out business, he was quick to pursue the major associations. There could be no additional data about his investigations.

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