Choosing the right personalised water bottle

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Choosing a personalised water bottle can be a complicated task. Water bottles are absolutely useful for your yoga session, for example, your trip or your run. And on the market, different water bottles have their specific characteristics and this can complicate your choice when shopping. But, knowing all the specificities can help you make an ideal choice for your personalised water bottle.

Choose your personalised bottle based on the material.

The diversity of the material allows you to find the bottle that suits you. Whether it is a bottle for sport or the ecological plan, you must adapt your water bottle needs according to your outdoor activity or for your work. The weight of the bottle also plays an important selection criterion. The Stainless steel travel tumbler is solid and can last for several months or even years. It is made from natural and renewable materials, and it has no impact on the taste of your drink. Their average weight allows a nomadic function. However, it is not recommended for young children because of its weight. Made from natural materials, aluminum bottles are very light and recyclable. It is the favorite of hikers, cyclists, and sportsmen. There are also glass water bottles which are completely recyclable. They are made with borosilicate glass so that your drink retains all its flavors. The only problem with this type of bottle is its particularly heavy weight and this is why it is recommended for use at home. If you want lighter bottles, look for the advantage of plastic bottles, you can take them wherever you want. When it comes to design, plastic is a very economical material for manufacturers.

The choice of a personalised bottle according to its use.

The selection of a bottle also depends on the use you want to make of it. For example, at work, best water bottle must have different characteristics where, in certain sporting activities, it may be bulky or not practical. To determine which personalised water bottle to choose, it is important to involve the activities. For sporting activities, the personalised bottle must be light and easy to handle. Choose an insulated bottle for outdoor sports to maintain the water temperature for many hours. With an easy-to-open cap, plastic or stainless steel bottles are perfect for all types of sports. To go to work, you can adopt all possible types of water bottles in terms of materials, handling, operation, or weight. If you ride a bike to get around or go mountain biking, choose the water bottle model that can fit exactly into a bottle cage on the frame. Also choose the personalised soft and insulated water bottle, with a sports cap to ensure good hours of pedaling. To carry out an intense activity such as fitness, you must opt ​​for lightweight versions with good capacity. A 750 ml plastic bottle allows you to benefit from good hydration during a session.

The different types of caps are possible.

You can also adapt your choice of personalised water bottle with the types of caps that exist. Some models are safer for children, others are more suitable for sports. So how to use these caps and what are the different types? As its name suggests, the sports cap is particularly designed for all sporting activities. Easy to open and close, it is very popular with athletes, because a simple movement with the teeth or 2 fingers is enough to open it. The screw cap is the most common model. Simple to use, a turn of the hand to the left or right allows it to be opened and closed. This model is not suitable for athletes, because you have to use both, but to use them. There is also the cap which represents a “half twist” or “quarter turn” opening and closing system. By making a quarter-turn movement, you open or close the bottle. With this model, you must not forget to cap the bottle otherwise the risk of your drink leaking is inevitable.

Selecting your water bottle based on its capacity.

First of all, you must define your needs and your times of use of a personalised water bottle to get the right one. Indeed, the capacity of the personalised water bottle must be able to cover your hydration needs in a working day. If you may have the opportunity to refill your bottle on this day, it is better to invest in a practical lower capacity. For athletes and the elderly, they require a significant water intake and will need up to 2 liters of water per day. As for a child, it is not necessary to drink a lot of water and a 250 to 500 ml bottle may be enough. If you want to check your hydration level during the day, you can opt for a bottle with a graduation. For a few hours of use, a 250 to 490 ml bottle is adequate for a child’s half-day of school.

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