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Kotak ELSS Fund


When it comes to money matters, careful saving goes a long way. It’s critical to stay updated on the developments taking place in the world. Saving money has gotten easier since the mutual fund business was taken up. Furthermore, mutual funds fall under a special category that provides tax advantages. Indeed, these are commonly referred to as the ELSS schemes. This particular category was created to lessen our tax liability. The Kotak Tax Saver Fund has drawn much interest due to this category.

Let’s find out a little bit more about this specific plan. Indeed, on 01.11.2005, the Kotak ELSS Scheme was introduced. This scheme has produced returns of 13.42% since launch, demonstrating excellent performance. A total of INR 5,050.36 Cr Asset Under Management(AUM) is covered under this scheme.

How Good is the Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund?

When deciding on whether to invest in a fund or not, we usually look at its past performance as an indicator of consistency and potential returns. A good track record can provide a sense of security and assurance to the investor. Let’s explore some of the key factors that make the Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund a good investment option:

Robust Performance

With an outstanding AUM of INR5,050.36 Cr, this fund has gained the trust of its investors. The Asset Under Management (AUM) shows the no. of investors under the scheme. All because of the consistent performance and outstanding returns generated by this fund.

Professional Management

This fund is handled by an expert in the finance field, bringing 22 years of knowledge with him. Managers are the backbone of the fund scheme.

Investing Strategy

A systematic and balanced approach to investing leads to a long path of success. The whole performance is the outcome of the investing strategy applied. Make sure that the fund’s strategy matches individual investment goals.

Diversity of schemes

To sum up, these are some factors on which one can determine if the fund is a right fit for them. Make sure that the investment objective aligns with the foundations of a particular scheme. It will result in giving the desired returns that one seeks. And fulfils one’s purposes of investment.

Understanding the Key Features of Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund

Focus on Long-Term Wealth Creation

  • The goal of this fund is to help investors in long-term wealth accumulation.
  • It takes a calculated approach to stock investment to produce significant returns over time.

Equity-focused plan

  • Investing purely in stocks, as opposed to other asset classes like bonds or commodities, is the focus of the Kotak Tax Saver Fund.
  • This fund seeks to take advantage of the possible growth prospects provided by the stock market by concentrating on stocks.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

  • Utilizing its varied portfolio, the fund aims to seize expansion prospects offered by various industries and businesses.
  • Through a diverse portfolio of companies, the fund can capitalize on the expansion prospects of several economic sectors.

Tax Benefits

  • Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, investors in the Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Scheme are eligible for tax benefits.
  • Investors can reduce their taxable income and save money on taxes by deducting up to ₹1.5 lakh in fund investments.

All things considered, the Kotak ELSS Tax Plan combines the advantages of equity investing and tax savings with an emphasis on long-term wealth growth. Investors may be able to reach their financial objectives while lowering their tax obligations by building a diversified portfolio of stocks and taking advantage of tax advantages. With careful planning and monitoring, this scheme provides a reliable avenue for individuals seeking to optimize their investment returns while minimizing tax liabilities and securing their financial future.

Types of Investments in the Kotak ELSS Scheme

To provide further guidance, there are three ways investors can choose to invest in this fund scheme. Here are the options available to invest in Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund:

Growth Option

If dividend payments are irregular, the growth option is selected. In this case, the investment increases in value over time and rewards are received upon redemption. Keep in mind that there is some risk involved as returns are affected by market fluctuations and investment volatility.

Dividend Option

This option entitles the recipient to receive regular dividend payments. Please note that the taxation of these dividends is based on the investor’s income tax rate. A 10% tax reduction is also applied at the source if the dividends exceed Rs5,000.

Dividend Reinvestment Option

Under this option, any dividends are automatically reinvested in the scheme to increase the Net Asset Value (NAV) by buying additional shares. This is a beneficial option as reinvesting dividends can increase the total value of your investment, especially during market rises.

Important Role of Fund Manager

Mr Harsha Upadhaya has an overall experience of 20 years in the finance industry. His expertise lies in Equity research and fund management. On the education front, he is a bachelor of engineering from the National Institute of Technology. Also, he holds a PG degree in finance management from the Indian Institute of Lucknow. His hard work and dedication have taken the fund to the ladder of success. He emphasises a disciplined approach to investing


To sum up, investors looking to save money on taxes and build wealth over the long term will find the Kotak ELSS Tax Plan to be a desirable option. This fund provides a calculated method for creating a diversified portfolio because of its solid track record of performance, expert management, and emphasis on equities investments. Investors can also take advantage of tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act to further improve their returns. Thanks to the experience and methodical approach to investing of Mr. Harsha Upadhaya, the fund is in a strong position to succeed. All things considered, the Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund is a useful instrument for investors who want to maximize their tax benefits while still reaching their financial objectives. Additionally, investors can start investing through an Online Systematic Investment Plan for flexibility. It gives easy access to invest from any corner of the world.

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