Black Mountain Poets Movie Review

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“Black Mountain Poets” is a comedy movie from Britain that came out in 2015. Jamie Adams directed the movie, which stars Alice Lowe, Dolly Wells, Tom Cullen, Rosa Robson, and Richard Elis. It tells the story of two sisters who are on the run for small crimes. They go to a poetry retreat in the Black Mountains of Wales and pretend to be the famous writers whose cars they stole. The film available on gomovies, which was heavily improvised from Adams’ narrative plan, earned the Student Critics’ Jury Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Continue reading Black Mountain Poets Movie Review to learn more about the film.

Script Analysis 

In Jamie Adams’ film, sisters Claire (Dolly Wells) and Lisa (Alice Lowe) steal the names of famous makeup artists, The Wilding Sisters. To set this up, they try to steal a JCB but get scared and run away. When they run out of oil, they steal the cast’s car and use their identities to get out of trouble. So, at a poetry retreat in Wales, they live the lie to the fullest. 

When they join the small group of dedicated writers, they are warmly (and excitedly) welcomed into the distance program, where they soon learn that the competition could earn them some money. With this motivation, they are encouraged to jump straight into their new roles without thinking twice. After a few bumps in the road, including some brilliantly bad Beat poems, they meet other (real) writers during a hike and camping trip on the open Welsh moors. 

This natural comedy-drama is all about the ingenuity that Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells bring to the screen. Director Adams chooses to cut down on their emotions and reactions to certain events, making us feel like we are a part of what they do. Even though they’re not what they say, their relationship is interesting because they’re such good cheaters that you forget how silly it is. So, it’s safe to say that we’re also in on the scam, but it’s a lot of fun.


Even though Lowe and Wells have different personalities, they bring a lot of warmth to their different roles, which is what really makes Black Mountain Poets come to life. The other actors are also very important to the story, and they all take us to their own special times. Richard, played by Tom Cullen, is an important part of the story and grows in confidence as the film progresses. Louise, played by Rosa Robeson in her debut role, is just as impressive, if a bit out of place. But Richard Ellis as Gareth and Laura Patch as Stacey are the two most interesting characters to me. These two are much more than just side notes to the main story. Their natural chemistry and sense of humor play a big role in whatever happens.

Final Words

Black Mountain Poets is a British indie comedy that has the potential to do well but lacks consistency. It’s not a film that should be avoided, but it’s also not a film to expect too much from, as it bares its heart at the expense of a focused, interesting story. There isn’t much in the movie, but people in the age group around the main characters can enjoy it.



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