Best Platforms to Keep Up With the Latest Sports Events in South Korea

(Bbangbang TV) 빵빵티비

Owing to geographical restrictions, sports lovers in South Korea often find trouble accessing some global steaming options and enjoying their favorite sports events. If you can relate as well, this write-up is the guide you need to keep handy all the time. We are going to walk you through the best streaming options that you can easily access in your country and keep you updated with the latest football leagues, basketball matches, and global sports. Right now, the popular streaming option Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비) is on the hotlist. However, there are other platforms as well, and some of them don’t even need a subscription fee. Are you interested in exploring them all? Then, stay tuned till the end of the write-up!

Top 5 Streaming Platforms That Broadcast Global Sports

From checking the live scores of English Premier League, and La Liga seasons to baseball matches, the following streaming options that we are going to talk about keep you updated with all! Take a quick peek at them now:

Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비)

Considering safety and versatility, Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비) is at present leading the streaming industry in South Korea. There is no geographical restriction in accessing it, so you can use it without any worries and VPN! Besides football leagues like EPL, La Liga, etc., the streaming option equips you with a collection of global sports, including baseball.

You will jump onto your feet after hearing that Bbangbang tv (빵빵tv) runs for free! You can check live updates about football and basketball leagues for free. Moreover, Routine Man TV is free from bugs and technical issues, thus you can use the platform without experiencing any glitches or lag.

Moreover, the owner of the site prioritizes the safety of the users and ensures that their personal credentials are safe. In fact, the platform comes with a special built-in chat feature where users can chat with each other.

Routine Man TV (루틴맨티비)

Another free sports streaming platform that functions almost similar to Bbangbang tv (빵빵tv) is Routine Man TV (루틴맨티비). By registering into the sports streaming platform, you can stay updated with all the latest news of the sports world, including live scoreboards, Powerball analysis, sports analysis, etc. In fact, Routine Man TV does not require a subscription charge to access and you can initiate a conversation with other members as well! The security policy of the streaming platform is high, ensuring to keep your personal credentials safe and secure. Also, it’s completely legal in South Korea and does not require any VPN.

Peacock TV 

Other than bbangbang tv (빵빵tv) and routine man tv (루틴맨tv), Peacock TV is another sports broadcasting network that equips you with all sports-related news. This specific streaming option is available in two different versions: free and paid.

The free version comes with pop-up ads, just make sure not to click on them. Furthermore, the sports content is also limited in the free version. However, to keep yourselves updated with all the latest ad-free sports content, you would be required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription charge.

ESPN Plus 

ESPN Plus is a popular sports network in South Korea that lets sports lovers keep live updates of their favorite sports events. However, unlike the first two streaming websites, ESPN Plus comes with a membership charge.

The sports network presents you with a wide range of sports events, such as MLB, MLS, and NHL live games. However, if you want to watch NBA and NFL matches, make sure to avoid them. This sports network comes with both monthly and yearly subscription plans, so you can choose accordingly.


SPOTV is actually television networking that you can legally access in South Korea. It hosts the best selection of sports events and provides you with live updates. Like routine man tv (루틴맨tv), this includes real-time scores, Powerball analysis, etc. In fact, SPOTV also broadcasts match highlights and keeps you updated about match schedules and sports-related news.

You can stream this specific sports network on Android-supported smartphones and TVs. The sign-up fees of the streaming platform are pretty reasonable and it functions smoothly without any glitch or interruption.

Wrapping Up

Sports including football and baseball are considered to be an emotion in South Korea. Thus, your concern regarding the best sports streaming platforms in your country is totally understandable. Well, if you are looking for free platforms to check live updates and news of global sports without any advertisement, especially soccer and baseball leagues, you can prefer using Bbangbang TV (빵빵티비) and Routine Man (TV루틴맨티비). Both are reliable, free, and legal! If you feel okay to pay a subscription fee to access the streaming websites, you can try the other platforms mentioned above. If any of the websites appear blocked in your region, you can use a VPN and change the server to use them conveniently.



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