Best English speaking institute in Chandigarh

Best English speaking institute in Chandigarh

Best English speaking institute in Chandigarh


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Are English speaking institutes still required?

What do students gain from these courses?

Best English speaking institute in Chandigarh






There are several instances in the world where we need to go into a stage of self-realisation. When

you get rejected in a job interview, you tell yourself that you will crack the next one. But when this

cycle keeps repeating for you, slowly you start losing confidence in yourself. That’s why we see

hundreds of Indian youths leaving India for Western countries. They would have the same issues

there, but their thoughts convince them that at least they would earn in Dollars over there.


This thought has been lingering in the minds of many Geopolitical experts as to why Indian students

feel the need to go out of their country to study or continue their profession. However, the reason

for this has been directly in front of us the whole time. Whenever a company needs to hire a few

professionals they post job vacancies on digital job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn and

Their posts contain all the details of the job and one line that has recently become very popular in

almost all company posts i.e., “Fluent English speaking skills preferred in a candidate”


The last line that has been highlighted is the one that makes many of our skilled youths leave the

country because they cannot pass these interviews only because of their weak communication skills.


Are English speaking institutes still required?


There are hundreds of English speaking institutes and training centres that are running across the

country. They are also doing well for themselves considering the obsession of people with fluent

English speaking skills. We are living in a time of globalisation where every language should have

equal importance and respect on the world stage. But in India, English speaking is not just a part of

learning a language but it is the holy grail for many people.


The respect that fluent English speakers get when they address an audience is immense whereas any

other language, regional or local, spoken on a stage is taken as a sign of illiteracy. The person who


chose to speak their mother tongue on the stage might be a Double PhD holder for all they know.

But criticising someone who cannot speak fluent English is a pass time in our country.


This does nothing but destroy an individual’s self-confidence and makes them feel shy or afraid of

using the English language in front of anyone. The same mindset is prevailing in our offices as well.

There is a dire need to curb this problem otherwise these institutes will keep on working for time

unknown. They are at least trying to ease this situation for some unfortunate students.


What do students gain from these courses?


There is a lot for students to gain from these classes. They give them relief from the lifelong pain of

not knowing the English language. They get hold of the real-life pronunciation of words that they

could not pronounce before, they gain the confidence to continue a conversation in English if they

want to.


Not just on the academic front, but on the professional side of things, they can perform better in

certain interviews that require fluent English speaking skills from candidates. You can also apply for

jobs outside India if you want to become a freelancer. Communicating with foreign clients will

become much easier for you if you know their language. Therefore, English speaking is a skill that

can get you out of tough situations easily. Also, if you want to learn the proper way of speaking

English with all the other relevant information, let me introduce you to the best English speaking

institute in Chandigarh.


Best English-speaking institute in Chandigarh:


To master the English language, you need the best trainers who have experience in training students

in all aspects of the English language. English Spoken classes in Chandigarh’s premier institute when it comes to

English Speaking. We have been in this service for over two decades and have trained thousands of

students in the English language. We also train students for IELTS as well as PTE exams and that’s

why our syllabi contain different courses for students of different preferences.


EnglishPro will provide you with the best learning environment in Chandigarh. Our faculty has some

of the brightest minds in English education and can help you get out of the fear of speaking the

English language in public. Let us help you out through this journey and you will become the best

English speaker in just a matter of weeks.




In conclusion, we believe that the only thing to blame for this predicament is our educational

paradigm, and these English-speaking classes will continue to operate for a very long period.

Children are not taught English with such emphasis in rural regions where employment is hard to

come by. In urban areas, students are required to memorize all of the material in English to pass

tests and other coursework. One of the other reasons English has become such a talent is because of

this distinction.


1. Why should I take an English-speaking course?
 Taking an English-speaking course can enhance your communication abilities, boost
career prospects, and increase confidence when speaking English.

2. How long does an English-speaking course typically last?
 The duration of an English-speaking course can vary, but many courses offer options
ranging from a few weeks to several months.
3. Are online English-speaking courses effective?
 Yes, online English-speaking courses can be effective, providing flexibility and
convenience for learners.

4. Do I need to be fluent in English to enrol in a course?
 No, English-speaking courses are available for all levels, including beginners and
advanced learners.

5. What skills are taught in English-speaking courses?
 These courses typically focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, and
conversation skills.

6. Can I take an English-speaking course if English is not my first language?
 Yes, English-speaking courses are open to non-native English speakers who want to
improve their language skills.

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