Best Englewood Private School – Ability School

Best Englewood Private School - Ability School

At Ability School in Englewood, New Jersey, an innovative approach to education is influencing the future of learning. Ability School is one of over 900 schools licensed by Applied Scholastics to use the Study Technology and instructional materials established by Educator and Humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. It is committed to creating a tailored and supportive atmosphere for their students. The school’s concept is based on the belief that effective education produces self-directed pupils who can think and learn for themselves, boldly applying their knowledge to real-world settings. It is one of the best school in Englewood NJ for your child’s development and growth. 

Tailored Learning for Personalized Excellence

Ability School caters to children in Preschool through Middle School, providing a self-paced and tailored curriculum that emphasizes each student’s unique strengths and interests. Unlike traditional schools, where students are required to follow a standardized approach, Ability School allows children to spend more time on subjects they find difficult and advance in areas where they excel. This proficiency-based method guarantees that students have complete mastery of each subject before proceeding, laying a solid basis for lifetime learning. The school’s hands-on teaching techniques stress practical application, engaging students and motivating them to pursue their potential in a variety of topics such as music, writing, science, and history.

Empowering Students Through Mastery-Based Learning

One of the distinguishing features of Ability School is its emphasis on literacy and mastery of the fundamentals. The school focuses a high emphasis on teaching pupils to read extraordinarily well from an early age, and this commitment continues throughout Middle School. Students who master reading and writing abilities early on not only receive knowledge but also build a passion for reading that continues beyond the classroom. This technique is used to other topics, such as mathematics and technology, where fluency and competence are dependent on learning the language.

Fostering a community of lifelong learners

Parental testimonials demonstrate Ability School’s transforming impact on their children. Families applaud the school’s family-like atmosphere, emphasis on instilling a love of learning, and attention to each child’s requirements. Parents have noticed amazing progress in their children’s academic performance, with many students performing much above grade level in a variety of disciplines. The school’s commitment to individualized learning, combined with its fascinating curriculum and supportive atmosphere, has resulted in a community of students who are motivated, confident, and eager to learn.

Ability School implements a system of forms rather than grades

Ability School – the best Englewood NJ schools implements an innovative and effective system of Forms rather than Grades, allowing students to study at their own speed and acquire complete mastery before moving on. Some kids advance quickly, while others require more time on specific courses, ensuring that each student’s unique needs are satisfied.

The form structure focuses on the complete development of specific abilities, with general time expectations for each Form. Students progress through the curriculum at their optimal speed, taking more time when necessary and moving faster when possible. While there are age limits for beginning and completing each Form, these are flexible, and kids may require additional enrichment or study time to remain within the workable age range. 

All things considered, Ability School’s Forms method places a strong emphasis on personal growth and the acquisition of useful study skills that will assist students for the rest of their lives. To ensure that they grasp the subject matter thoroughly and are ready for new academic challenges, students are urged to study at their own pace.

Choose Ability School for your child

If you’re looking for a private school in New Jersey that values customized instruction, promotes independent learning, and nurtures diverse abilities, Ability School may be the right option for your child. Ability School’s curriculum promotes self-motivation, rigorous self-discipline, and a love of learning, putting pupils on track for academic and life success. Discover the transformational power of education at Ability School and offer your kid the gift of a lifelong passion for learning.

Ability School prioritizes learning the fundamentals and gaining practical abilities to create a curriculum that will help students succeed in the future. It is crucial to have a strong foundation in core areas including reading, writing, math, spelling, and handwriting. This guarantees that students will not only learn these fundamentals but will also acquire a profound comprehension that will form a solid basis for their further studies.

At Ability School, Give Your Child a Summer of Fun & Learning!

For parents looking to provide their kids with an exciting and enriching summer experience, the Ability School Summer Program is a great option. With the help of this special program, which combines academic enrichment with exciting camp activities, kids may continue to grow academically and have fun over the summer vacation. The summer camp, which is open to children in grades 4 through 12, is held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are two sessions available (3 weeks or 4 weeks), and siblings receive a 10% discount. A wide range of activities are included in the curriculum, including games, nature walks, virtual lessons, picnicking, water fun, and weekly projects.

Factors that make ability school a good choice for your child

The Ability School – one of the best Englewood NJ schools program is unique and successful because of its comprehensive curriculum, which builds on itself from the start. Before continuing, each student works at their own pace to finish all of the course material. While some students pick things up quickly, others take longer to grasp a particular concept in its entirety. Ability schools use the concept of Forms instead of Grades to allow pupils to grow at their own pace. Some of the forms have a one-year term, while others may have longer periods.

Even though Forms are comparable to grades according to age group, students of any age can succeed in this system by studying at their own pace. At every level, students acquire useful study skills that they will have for the rest of their lives. Students learn how to get rid of roadblocks to succeed in school and life! The form’s framework is centered on each student’s personal growth and the complete realization of their potential. 

It doesn’t go from one grade level to the next year by year. Rather, every student finishes the course at their own ideal pace, completing it as quickly as possible and needing more time when needed.

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