Bathroom Dilemmas | Wall Panels vs Tiles – Which Is Best?

Bathroom Dilemmas | Wall Panels vs Tiles - Which Is Best?

Designing bathroom walls is a recent yet popular trend that is getting hype due to various decorative and functional favorabilities. Wall panels and tiles are the go-to choices to transform the style of your shower and toiletry spaces. Tiles are the traditional while wall panels are an advanced choice to give your bathroom interior the finest makeover.

However, the debate here is which option will work well in your bathrooms. The selection of one depends on the appearance, sustainability, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we’ve come up with helpful solutions to decide between paneling and tiles for your space.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels Dubai are wall covering pieces that are usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape. These wall coverings serve as the visible and exposed element to enhance a wall.


Tiles are hard or modular pieces that come usually in squares or rectangles. These are manufactured from hard-wearing materials like baked clay, ceramic, stone, concrete, and porcelain.

Benefits Of Having Wall Panels In Bathrooms

If you are planning to invest in panels instead of tiles, we’ve listed down the numerous benefits to help you design your bathroom wall.

1. More Design Options

When it comes to bathroom revampings, you have the flexibility to choose from hundreds of options for designs, patterns, textures, and materials as well. You can choose the minimal to detailed and printed to textured options for exceptional wall styling. 

2. Can Be Fitted Over Tiles

One of the major perks about these tiles is that you can overlay them over the tiles or any other kind of existing walls. For a perfect makeover, you should fit these panels over tiles after proper cleaning, surface preparation, and removing any obstructions.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

An undeniable fact about these wall coverings is that you can get them at budget-friendly rates compared to tiles. Prices for these decorative coverings can vary from material to material and design to design. However, you can find affordable options as per your wall requirement.

4. Easy Installation

One must know that the installation of these wall covers is not arduous or technical. These covers help you save costs on hiring installers due to their DIY-friendliness. One can reliably fit these coverings on walls with the availability of the right tools and materials. 

5. Low Maintenance

If you are looking for an easy-to-care-for option, you can invest in waterproof wall coverings that won’t be susceptible to damage from water splashes and stains from other bathroom essentials. Hence, it is an easily maintainable option.

Benefits Of Installing Tiles On Bathroom Walls

Tiling in the bathroom is the most beneficial addition for several functional and styling reasons. Before opting for the tiles, go through the manifold benefits offered by tiles.

1. Offer more coverage Than Panels

Unlike wall panels in Dubai that are designed to cover a specific portion of walls most of the time, tiles can be installed on the entire surface. You can partially or completely cover the entire area as per your specifications. Without any porous surfaces, it offers complete coverage as compared to panels.

2. Waterproof & Stain Resistant

Tiles made from concrete, porcelain, and marble come with waterproof capabilities. Also, they provide you with resistance against splashes, stains, and moisture. That’s why, it is an excellent solution to give your bathrooms an elegant finish. 

3. Offers Multiple Finish Options

One of the exclusive aspects of these tiles is that they are available with various extraordinary finishes. To improve the aesthetics of your bathrooms, you can choose from glossy, smooth, textured, and distressed finishes.

4. Easy To Aftercare

As compared to wall sheets, the upkeep of heavy-duty tiles is extremely easy. As tiles won’t warp, rust, stain, or damage, they will retain their appearance for a long. Also, you don’t have to clean these tiles often rather a simple detergent spray and sponge can wipe off all kinds of stubborn stains.

5. Added Value To Property

Tiles hold this unique attribute of enriching the property value by installing them in your bathrooms. Depending on the tile’s type, style, and quality, you can get the best return on investment at the time of renting or selling your property. On average, it will make an impact of 4-6% to enrich your space value. 

Comparison Of Wall Panels And Tiles For Better Selection

To help you make a wise decision, here are the comparative details about both wall treatments.

1. Appearance

When it comes to style and appearance, wall panels are the preferable choice with hundreds of unique designs. While tiles have limited style options that won’t be suitable to align with every space’s design

Better For Appearance: Wall panels are the choice to go.

2. Functionality

Talking about practicality, the wall sheet will provide you acoustic, insulation, and hide the surface imperfection without making any changes to the existing walls. While tiles are waterproof, stains, and scratch-resistant but are not impact-resistant.

Better For Functionality: Choose wall covers for practicality.

3. Durability

As we talked about earlier, although tiles are more durable than wall sheets they can crack or break when a heavy object falls or hits. Panel sheets are moisture and impact-resistant and can last for more span than tiles.

Better For Longevity: Again wall sheets are the preferable option.

4. Installation

Wall coverings come with the flexibility of DIY installation because they won’t require an extraordinary process of surface preparation. However, you will need a precision and proper skill set to fit the tiles over any surface.

Better For Installation: Sheet panels are more easy to install.

5. Maintenance

Low-maintenance treatments are the top choice of every consumer. Among both of the options, maintenance of tiles is very easy because it won’t require hectic maintenance. You need to be extra careful with the maintenance of wall sheets. 

Better For Maintenance: Tiles are the best pick in terms of maintenance.

8. Cost

When it comes to prices, again panelling is considered as the best option because it is cost-effective to have them installed. While tiles are expensive as compared to wall coverings.

Better For Costs: wall sheets are more cost-friendly.

To Conclude!

Bathroom wall styling is the recent trend that is taking center stage to transform your space into a luxurious escape. Paneling and tiles are the two most popular choices to give your shower rooms an excellent finish. When it comes to wall designing, there’s a million-dollar question of which is the best option either wall sheets or tiles.

To help you with this, we’ve summed up the pros of both wall treatment options. Also, for your convenience, we’ve compared the different aspects of having each in your toiletry or shower places. Our guide will hopefully inspire you to make the right decision for your residential and commercial space’s bathrooms.



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