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The digitally printed t-shirt is thriving in mainstream fashion these days. It can effortlessly instantly add an interesting edgy style to your attire. Many individuals are getting t-shirts digitally printed of their favourite theme or showcasing their admiration for popular celebrities.

Due to the appealing look of the digitally printed tee, you may feel tempted to wear it countless times.

The more you adorn it, the more you have to wash it. And you can’t just launder it like all your other garments as it will crack, flake, wear away, or fade sooner than it should. Such tees require special treatment and care. So, if you have a screen printed, digitally printed, vinyl, or heat transferred, follow this guide to avoid any damage to your t-shirt.

The Best Method: Wash With Your Hands

We will begin this guide with the first and best method to clean your digitally printed t-shirt. You should go for this option if you’re comfortable with using your hands for the wash.

Following are the steps you should consider for this method:

  • Fill a tub with cool or room temperature water and pour a mild detergent into the tub
  • Turn your garment inside out before dipping into the water
  • If there are any stains on that apparel, pretreat those spots with a stain remover spray
  • Rub those stains carefully against each other to get rid of them. Let the garment soak in the soapy water for about fifteen to twenty minutes
  • Rinse it properly with cool water and carefully squeeze to remove any excess water
  • Hang your t-shirt on a hanger to let it air dry. We have gathered these instructions from a professional who conducts heat transfer printing for t-shirts. So consider them to safely wash your digitally designed apparel

The Second Method: Use A Washer Machine

You might have heard a popular myth that washing a tee with a digital design will cause damage. Well, it is certainly not true. If you follow the proper precautions that we will share with you in a bit, the process will be seamless and harmless.

Below are the instructions you should follow for washing machine, dryer, and de-wrinkling.

  1. Turn Your Garment Inside-Out:

Turning your garments inside-out will prevent them from rubbing against the print, thus the design will not fade away.

  1. Set Up The Washer:

For setting up your washer, add a mild detergent along with cold water and keep the settings on a gentle scale. Warm water, harsh detergents, or aggressive washing cycles can be the damaging cause for your tees.

  1. Treat Stained Spots With A Stain Removing Spray:

There is no need to use extravagant spray when you can opt for commercial spray as they are safe and effective.

  1. Gently Rub Stains:

Avoid the usage of brushes or any harsh object for buffing stains. Gently rub the fabric against itself to wash away any dirt or sturdy marks.

  1. Only Include Materials Suitable For Digital Prints:

It is a common mistake that many individuals commit while cleaning material through a washer. Only include items whose colour, weight, and texture will not affect each other while washing together in the machine. Don’t add jeans or towels along with your digital design to avoid any damage. Consider the above steps for washing the garments for whom you got embroidery service in UK. Even the embroidered apparel requires care and great attention for it to maintain the new-like appearance.

Two Methods For Drying The Screen Printed Tees

Once you have washed your tees, the second most essential step you should conduct is drying. Carrying out this phase correctly will save your staple from becoming rough or tumble. We suggest you avoid the machine at this stage unless there is an urgency.

The Air Drying

  • Hang the tees on a hanger to let it air dry is the safest technique that prevents shrinkage or damage
  • You can put it outside in the sunlight but not directly exposed to UV rays. Otherwise, keep it in front or below a fan
  • Prevent using thick and pointy clothespins as they can leave ugly marks on the shoulder area after getting dried. Either prefer a rounded kind one or a thick plastic hanger

The Machine Drying

  • Turn your tees inside out before leaving them to dry
  • Prevent filling up the dryer with garments of different weight and texture
  • Keep the dryer on the lowest possible heat settings or permanent press. It will keep the fabric safe from shrinking or any other damage

2 Effective Ways To Remove Wrinkles

Once your tees have dried out, they will have more or less wrinkles. Wearing a wrinkled one can leave a bad impression. Therefore, consider either of the following ways that we derived from the top companies of t-shirt printing UK to make your graphic t-shirt wrinkle-free.

The Ironing Process

  • Turn your tee that you got and lay it down on either an ironing board or a clean and flat surface
  • Keep the machine settings on the lowest, with next to zero stream
  • Sandwich a towel or cloth between your tee and the household iron
  • Press the iron gently and move all around the apparel until it is completely wrinkle-free

The Steaming Process

  • Turn your graphic t-shirt inside out and hang up with a hanger
  • Fire up your handheld steamer and set it up at the lowest temperature
  • Move the steamer all around your apparel while avoiding exposing it near the print
  • Steam across both sides and the sleeves to ensure your tee is fully wrinkle-free

Some Final Words

We hope you grasped all the methods for washing, drying, and making the graphic-tee wrinkle-free. One of the important things that you need to take care of is to always use cold water and air dry whenever possible. A dryer, warm water, or even harsh detergents can still cause minor damage to the fabric.

Once the digitally printed t-shirts have been delivered to your doorstep, follow the correct instructions to take care of it. Spice up your entire appearance with the graphic tee and if you failed at taking care of it, don’t lose hope! Order some new appealing digitally printed gear according to your design, colour, logo, and so much more from an online top-rated store.



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