A Guide to Addressing iPad Water Damage and Repairs

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Have you spilled water on your iPad or dropped your device in a puddle of water? This might be stressful because you can only use your device briefly. But you don’t need to worry because there are many things you can do to save your iPad from water damage, as repair experts like GadgetFix suggested.

Here are the points addressing water damage and iPad repair.

  • The signs of iPad water damage include colored lines and foggy display, fogginess on the camera lens and screen, unresponsive touch screen and buttons, an expected abrupt shutdown, iPad inability to charge, and muffled or no sound.
  • The steps of saving your iPad include taking the device out of the water, switching it off, extracting all accessories and components, drawing the exterior and interior of the iPad, turning the device on, and seeking professional help.

Signs of a Water-Damaged iPad

Here are some crucial signs indicating water damage that iPad users should learn about. If you notice the signs, you should see professional iPad repair services help immediately or follow the steps to protect your iPad.

Flickering Display and Colored Lines

The first thing you will notice when you turn your iPad on is that the screen display is flickering, and colored lines appear on the screen. This is a clear indication that water has reached deep into your iPad. 

Fogginess on the Screen and Camera Lens

On several occasions, moisture might have reached the innermost part of your device. The forgiveness on your camera lens and screen indicates that your Gadget has been damaged by water.

Unresponsive Buttons and Touchscreen

Sometimes, the water remains only on the upper part of your iPad screen. This might not be damaging and could be fixed quickly, but when moisture reaches the inner part, your touch screen and buttons will be unresponsive and require efficient iPad troubleshooting.

Abrupt and Unexpected Shutdowns

The iPad is shutting down, expectedly and abruptly, despite being up to date. This is a sign that water has reached the innermost part of your device and is damaging your electrical connections and components. Another related scenario is that your iPad is malfunctioning and not chatting down.

The Device is Unable to Charge

Your device’s inability to charge indicates that water has damaged the battery or the charging port. Sometimes, your device will fully charge, but the battery drains very quickly as you start to use it. You should immediately take your device to expert repair services like GadgetFix for reliable iPad diagnostic services.

Muffled or No Sound from the Speakers

Water can also damage your iPad speakers, which can cause muffled sounds, or you will hear no sound at all. This deteriorated audio experience will Affect your iPad audio functionality. 

Steps to Take to Save iPad from Water Damage

It is no doubt frustrating that your iPad is suffering from water damage. Some believe it becomes useless once your device is false in the water or you spill liquid. However, this is not the case because following the steps below by repair technicians might save your iPad from severe damage.

Remove the Device from Water

You should act quickly, remove your device from the water, or clean it if you have spilled liquid. A mistake that iPad users make is they need to take their device out of the water immediately. This will further damage the device. So immediately remove the device from the water for water damage repair for iPads.

Switch Off Your iPad

The second step you should take is to shut down your device. Sometimes, people might try to wipe out the liquid from the device and forget to switch it off. The longer you take to shut it down, the longer you expose it to moisture that will damage the device.

Extract all Accessories

The next thing you should do is remove all the accessories to save your iPad from further damage. The vital accessories you should remove include memory and SIM card, the protective casing, screen protector, and charger if it is plugged in.

Try to Dry Out the Exterior Moisture

After removing all the accessories, take a cloth or a towel and gently wipe the water from the screen and buttons. After ensuring that water has been absorbed, leave your iPad in a well-ventilated room or an area with a fan installed, as certified iPad repair technicians suggested.

Turn on the Device to Check

At this point, you should turn your device on and check if the water has affected only the external part of your iPad. If your gadget doesn’t turn on or it’s experiencing issues like flickering Screen, colored lines, fogginess, and the device cannot switch on, some of the internal iPad components have been damaged.

Be Careful to Avoid Doing These Things

There is plenty of false information on the internet that iPad users read and follow. These include using a hair dryer, placing your device in a bag of raw rice, and leaving a phone in the sun. This false information will damage the device.

Always Seek Professional Help

You should seek professional help if water damage signs are not resolved. You can contact third-party repair centers like GadgetFix or take to Authorized iPad repair Services Providers. 


Dealing with iPad water damage can become very stressful if fixing the issue takes longer than expected. You can check for damage signs like a flickering screen, colored lines, fogginess on the lens, muffled sound, and the device’s inability to charge. If you see these signs, then you should take your device for professional iPad repair services or follow steps like taking the device out of the water, removing all accessories, wiping moisture from the screen, charging the port and buttons, and restarting the device.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can an iPad with water damage be repaired ?

Yes, your iPad can be repaired if you remove the device from the water immediately, remove the water, and take the gadget for professional iPad repair.

Should I put an iPhone in rice ?

Experts have never recommended putting your iPad in rice. The small rice particles might damage the screen, buttons, and charging port.

Is it OK to clean the iPad screen with water ?

Be very careful when using water around your iPad. Cleaning an iPad screen with water is never recommended, although you can clean your device with a damp cloth.



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