7 Stunning Ways How To Style Morale Patches – A Fashion Guide

morale patches

Unquestionably, patches are the cheapest magic trick that transforms your old clothes into new ones. They have been adding soul to otherwise dull outfits for centuries now. However, back then, they were hand-made and now using specialised machinery. Yet, the inimitability remains.

Their comeback through Gucci brand fashion walk became so popular that their demand grew in no time. Moreover, it was not long before they grew into a hot potato because of their scalability, flexibility and affordable nature. People adopted them in their daily lives, through many fashionable ways.

In addition, they have around more than six types available in the market, which makes it easier for them to adjust to everyday shenanigans. The popular patch types include PVC, Chenille, Embroidered, Bullion, Printed, Leather and Woven. Each of these types is unique in its peculiar way therefore, you get a variety to choose from for yourself.

You even get to pick the design and colours for a customised patch to match your vibe. For example, name tags, seasonal badges and morale patches. Now let us move to how you can style these morale patches in seven trendy and vogueish means.

Morale Patches – A Revolutionary Change In The Fashion World

The term morale comes from the French word ‘moral’. It refers to the mental and emotional state of a majority of people. Such as enthusiasm, loyalty and high spirits towards a specific team or group. Hence, we deduce that morale patches are a small gesture of appreciating, encouraging and paying homage to defence forces.

Defence forces are also known as military forces. They include the army, marine officers, air force, the Navy, space soldiers and coastguards. The morale patches are not just humorous fashion bits but also an approach to foster esprit de corps amongst military members. Moreover, in recent time’s public has been using them to spice up various aspects of their lives.

Thus below is how the Generations Z and Alpha beautifully stir Morale Patches in their lives. Read on to learn more about these seven traditions.


  1. Exploit Festivities

Events like Independence Day and army parades are great occasions to flaunt your military badges. However, you do not need an occasion every time to draw them out and pin them on your outfit. Sometimes you can just leave them hanging and not care about a reason to wear them.

In addition, the patches have a huge room for art. It can be easily used to display any message. Hence, impactful badges are the best way of exhibiting the military heritage and culture of your country.

  1. Furnish Interiors

Secondly, what we can do to style these military badges is to use them in home décor. They are highly influential and thus make good furnishing goods. For example, you may add them as magnets to your fridge or frame them and place them on walls. How terrific and classy it is going to look!

Moreover, you can style them by hanging them on embroidery hoops amongst family portraits too. The vibe they reflect off is matchless. We bet people will be constantly asking you where you got them.

  1. Restore Oldies

Moving on, these insignias go perfectly with each of your outfits, whether it is a denim jacket, jeans, blazer, or a plain white T-shirt. Old is indeed gold… and it is evident by the fact that a little creativity changes something beyond expectation.

Such as, a leather jacket that already reflects sharpness, paired with military badges, will make you look like an OG – original gangster. Just imagine you are racing your bike in that look… damn mate! All of this get-up is enough to leave a strong impression.

  1. Complement The Outfit

Next up are the accessories that complement your outfits in general, like hats, bags, belts and footwear. As fun as it sounds, the morale patches can now also be set onto these accessories and create a style statement.

For instance, while getting dressed up for a housewarming party, you can wear the badge as a cap brooch. Alternatively, you can attach a few to your tote bag. The humorous statement and image on it will help you spark conversations at the party. This is amusing, isn’t it?

  1. Express Team Support

Enough of the civilians wearing it… now it is time for the militants. Yes, the soldiers themselves also adorn the beauties and jazz up their uniforms. It could be their ranks, position or just name labels. Moreover, it could be the embroidered stars that the soldier received from this senior.

On the other hand, the morale patches that they wear are also to show solidarity amongst the team members. In addition, the civilian can also promote the feeling of patriotism with these badges placed on their shoulder sleeve.

  1. Token Of Gratitude

A new dimension for styling these patches is highlighting appreciation and gratitude. This means that the brooches are also used as rewards and awards in the defence forces, such as presenting a badge of honour for a martyr soldier to his family. Here, the brooch becomes a symbol of respect.

Alternatively, the civilian can wear them proudly while travelling or attending foreign events. As the badge is a walking canvas, thus a vast audience is subject to the message written on it. This means that the greatness of your soldiers is spread around the globe.

  1. Motivation Boost

Finally, the badges, whether they are in the chenille, embroidered, or PVC patches form, are a great source of motivation. Think of young adults who feel encouraged by the bravery of the armed forces. Probably in future, they might want to join too. Thus, the badges displayed on their desks act as inspiration.

This, too, without a doubt, is a successful way of styling the morale patches. Whether you pin it to your mood board or your shirt, they will forever remind you of heroism and courage. You will be inspired to do better as a result.

To Wrap Things Up…

We would want to bring your attention towards a few very important factors before you decide to order a badge for yourself. These are the things that you must consider while you are on your way to select and finalise a patch maker.

First, you need to observe their website for reviews, variety, after-sales services and turnaround time. Then, using the insights, shortlist a few names. Once the names are on paper, contact each one of them individually. Talk to them about revision or any other charges they might be included. Later when you finish the mini-interview phase, you must be left with one of two names only as finalists.

These are your ultimate choices of suppliers to order your exclusive morale patches. Thus, hurry up now and find yourself the type of patch that you want out of all the above-mentioned types. Then, work out a worthy design and colour combination, too. Here you go! You are all done to give that final thumbs up to the vendor and receive your patch in the following week.

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