7 popular skincare myths that can misguide you


Skincare tales travel from one generation to another. Sometimes, marketing companies weave an intriguing story to make a fortune out of it. It would be interesting to know if they are factual or fictional.

Fact-checking is a rare event as too much information is there about skincare. Hardly anyone cares to do so. Are you repeating this mistake?

At times, fake researches surface just to misguide skincare maniacs. People do not even validate the source from where the information is coming from and follow it blindly. Segregating the myths is not that tricky.

You can do that by being seated on your couch and reading through this blog. It has covered all the leg work for you. Believing every phrase that you hear about a new skincare product is easy.

Those blind beliefs are the result of the misinformation that everyone comes across. Read on to be worry-free while using any cosmetic that you look forward to getting.

Decoding the common skincare myths

Enlighten yourself with the truth behind the various skincare myths.

Myth 1: High price means better products

Thanks to various marketing campaigns that oftentimes make you believe costly products are more effective! How can the cost factor decide if a product would be perfect?

Every skin is different, and thus, requirements would be different. Instead of experimenting with products based on the price, find out what your skin actually needs.

Maybe, what suits your skin after multiple tests is out of your budget. Do not compromise your need. Instead, arrange money on the spot by getting personal loans on the same day! Buy what your skin needs by borrowing just the right amount.

Try out homemade skincare essentials, which are more cost-effective. They work better being devoid of harmful chemicals. With a little effort, you save a lot of money you could have spent on buying a single product.

Myth 2: Blemishes can go off quickly

What do you usually do to a blemish post a pimple attack? Wash your face multiple times with chemicals. Even worse, you simply apply a random cream, claiming to erase any spots in no time.

Do you not find it weird? Blemishes point out that your skin is recovering, and it takes time. A cream can lighten it up gradually but not on the spot.

Your skin will have to bear the brunt due to reactions to multiple products. Even though it produces immediate results, overlooking the extensive chemical usage will be foolish. Focus on having a healthy skincare routine that will help prevent blemishes.

Myth 3: Squeeze a pimple for fast recovery

This belief is common and has viral videos on the internet. The fact above everything is that it is painful and can trigger further inflammation. It attempts to take the pus out of the pimple.

However, it goes deep inside apart from coming out. As the worst outcome, you will have pimples breaking out in the nearby area due to infection. Doing it with bare hands is more dangerous. It transports the bacteria from the hand to the skin.

Consult a dermatologist who can guide you properly. Use the particular skin tool meant for this purpose instead of using your hands.

Myth 4: Oily skin does not need a moisturiser

Since your skin is already producing too much, it is enough. It will compensate for the hydration your skin needs. Maybe, this type of skin gets lesser wrinkles and needs better skin care.

A lack of moisture can cause it to dehydrate also. Extensive oil production to balance the dehydration could be an outcome. Your skin will start looking too much oily.

Applying moisturiser can help the skin tackle this problem. Choose the right one, as many can be based on skin type.

Myth 5: Higher SPF sunscreen for enhanced protection

The frequent TV ads show too much influence on having sunscreen with an upper limit of SPF. It measures how much protection your skin gets from a certain cream against ultraviolet rays.

If you examine it closely, you will be stunned to see the negligible difference between SPF 100 and SPF 50. The first one will give you 99% protection, while the second will give 98%.

Why is there so much hype about having a higher SPF? Prefer having a cream that relies on the body spectrum formula rather than only SPF. Cover all the exposed body parts with the right sunscreen for enhanced protection.

It would be better to apply such creams even if you are staying indoors all the time.

Myth 6: Drink more water for skin hydration

No concrete proof is there to validate if drinking water can keep the skin hydrated. One thing to note here is that the skin has no capacity to absorb the water you drink. Are not the two statements seem contradictory?

Well, not; your water intake will take care of the overall health of your skin. Therefore, getting luminous skin by only drinking water is not possible. You will have to combine it with proper diet and skin maintenance.

Your skin is capable of absorbing the nutrients that you will give it. Besides, exercise on a regular basis to improve the blood flow throughout the body. It helps regenerate the skin cells.

Myth 7: Exfoliate harder for better skin

Exfoliation is a segment of the skincare regime. You should not apply too much or too less force while exfoliating your skin. Be gentle with the application, or else it will hurt your skin too badly.

Talk to a skin specialist if you do not know much about exfoliating. Do not exfoliate your skin regularly, as two to three times a week would be enough. Give your skin the time to rejuvenate after exfoliation.

The bottom line

The list can simply go on and on. However, the primary purpose of the blog is to highlight some of the commonest skincare myths you have been living with.

Sometimes, it is your little knowledge that leads to supporting these myths. Think twice and research your way before believing anything that concerns your skin.



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