#3 effective ways that help you cut the cost of your braces or invisalign

#3 effective ways that help you cut the cost of your braces or invisalign

Braces or Invisalign!

Almost everyone who has to undergo an orthodontic treatment gets caught up in this dilemma. Whether one should opt for Invisalign or should go for braces? The decision hardly comes fast and easy. In order to get out from the impasse and reach a solution people keep asking questions. Questions that they ask revolve around the cost involved in the two treatment procedures. Although the questions are phrased differently but the inner meaning remains more or less the same.

  • So, how much does Invisalign cost?
  • What is the cost of braces?

Let us try to find these answers first.

It is important to note that the cost of orthodontic treatments (including both braces and clear aligners) is never the same across the UK. There is no uniform pricing for the treatment either. Every orthodontic patient is different from the rest. And every orthodontic case is unique in itself. While calculating the cost of your treatment a number of factors have to be taken into your account.  One of the most important factors is the level of complexity involved in a given circumstance. The more complexity involved in a case the more expensive the case is.

Let us suggest you one of the best ways to find out the exact cost of your braces in London.  Go to your dentist or orthodontist for a complimentary initial consultation. Many such practices as well as oral health-practitioners are there who happily provide a complimentary initial consultation to interested patients free.

Once a dentist thoroughly diagnoses you and examines your bite then the expert can create your unique treatment plan. Once your treatment plan is ready only then it is possible for the dentist to tell you a definite figure in terms of the cost.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore effective tips and tricks to reduce the costs of both Invisalign and conventional braces.

Tips to reduces treatment cost for both Invisalign and braces

  • It is good to choose a financing plan that the practice may offer

Orthodontic treatments are not really very pocket friendly. It is indeed difficult for a significant fraction of the patients to clear the total cost of a treatment at one go. Keeping this in mind a large number of dental practices across the UK readily offer in-office finance plans. These finance options are flexible and charges no interest. Thus you can clear the total cost of the treatment in easy monthly instalments.

These monthly payments are pretty low and are affordable. Thus achieving one’s dream smile is now easier as far as the financial aspect is related. A large number of these practices even offer zero down payment (or £0). There are even extended financing terms designed categorically to cater to your needs and constraints. As a result of this combined effort the cost of braces in the UK is steadily coming down within the reach of commoners. To cut a long story short, you may choose conventional braces or clear aligners including Invisalign. But before your actual treatment starts someone from the dental team sits down with you to design your finance plan to cater to your best financial interests.


  • Go through your dental insurance plan to check whether it covers orthodontic treatments

Popularity of orthodontic dentistry is steadily on rise across the last several years. In this circumstance, a number of dental insurance providers are offering policies that cover orthodontic dentistry procedures. Some of these policies only cover treatments that an insurer considers necessary for your sound oral health. By and large your dental insurance coverage on orthodontic treatments depends largely on two factors – the insurer you are insured with and the exact plan that you have subscribed to.

In case your dental insurance plan covers braces or Invisalign in that case you can enjoy substantial financial relief as your “out of pocket” expense will get reduced.

As a matter of fact a large number of people are simply left puzzled to understand how dental insurances work particularly for treatments related to Invisalign and braces. Your chosen dental practice may not be in network with your insurance provider. But still these people can get you enviable discount plans through other means if possible assures a dentist who quotes reasonable price for braces in London.

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Usually the practices handle all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Therefore there is no additional burden or headache on your shoulders. If your dental insurance covers braces and Invisalign then the overall procedure becomes really smooth and fast. In that case the practice forwards the total cost of the treatment to your insurer right on the day your treatment officially begins. Accordingly it collects the part of the cost from the insurance provider either monthly, quarterly or annually.

At patient-centric dental practices you can be rest assured that they will make sure that your insurance covers your braces or Invisalign. They even determine the amount of coverage so that you are not put in acute inconvenience. Moreover they will also confirm your orthodontic benefits. To cut a long story short these practices do not leave a single stone unturned to ensure you get a greater value of your money on all relevant aspects.

  • Redirect funds from HSA or FSA for your treatment

You should better not forget about your HAS and FSA funds. HSA stands for health savings account and FSA is flexible spending account. These accounts are meant for you to save money in. the money that you save in these accounts is free from taxes. You can foot your medical and dental expenses from this fund. This way you can further make your Invisalign and braces in London cost more reasonable. It is important to mention that as far as HSAs are concerned the fund does not expire. Rather it rolls over to the year following.

On the other hand an FSA is a part and parcel of an employer’s benefits package. If you do not spend your FSA pounds by the end of a year, the fund simply ceases to exist. In other words the fund is lost and you cannot access it beyond the timeline. So if you intend to make use of your FSA fund to get the treatment done plan everything neatly in advance. Make sure the fund gets used up by 31 Decinvisalign offers londoncheap invisalign londoninvisalign londonember or you will not see that money again.

Redirect funds

Both FSA and HAS funds support orthodontic treatments with conventional metal braces, Invisalign, ceramic braces and just any other kind of appliance. You can use both your HSA and FSA cards just like a normal credit card. There is no hassle involved in accessing and utilising those funds.

In addition to the tips mentioned above you can also take the benefit of discounts in treatment cost provided you are eligible. Patient-centric dental practices like Smile Clinic London provide hefty discounts at certain times of the year. Wait for those opportune moments and grab the offer. This is how you can promote reduce the cost of your treatment.


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