08 Psychological Barriers That Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

08 Psychological Barriers That Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical term used that characterizes the inability of a man to get and maintain erections adequate enough to carry out a sexual drive. This is one of the most common male sexual problems and its risk increases with growing age. It is believed that around 30 million men in the United States alone are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Although ED affects mostly older men, that doesn’t mean men below a certain age are completely safe. Studies suggest that every one out of four men with erectile dysfunction is below 40 years of age. In recent years, there is a significant increase in the occurrences of erectile dysfunction. The reason being, more and more people are visiting healthcare centers to get the condition diagnosed as they know that erectile dysfunction is common and most treatable.

Common Psychological Barriers To Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the most common psychological barriers to erectile dysfunction:

  • Stress

Stress is endless – from relationship issues, hectic schedules, work commitments to financial difficulties. Stress is also a substantial risk factor for erectile dysfunction. You can talk to your mental health specialist or counselor and get help managing stress. meds which are most often encouraged for Erectile Dysfunction are Fildena 100.

  • Substance use/abuse

Alcohol, narcotics, and most illicit drugs not only diminish your ability to perform in bed due to decreased focus and attentiveness but also impact your body’s ability to get and maintain firm erections. Some studies have even discovered a connection between substance use/abuse and low testosterone, and we all know that testosterone hormone plays a vital role in erections.  People with substance abuse issues who think that addiction is one of the major contributory factors to their inability to perform in bed, should consider seeking professional help at a drug rehab center. Who knows, it might be the only treatment they will ever need to help them with both their addiction and erectile dysfunction problems.

  • Performance anxiety

Prior unsuccessful attempts at sexual intercourse can make you nervous about your performance. Worry about getting and maintaining erections, being concerned about pleasing your partner sexually, negative self-talk, and thoughts about ejaculating too quickly can contribute to anxiety. ED sufferers may additionally benefit from the restorative effects of Fildena 200.

If you think your erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of performance anxiety, communicating with your partner can prove beneficial. If you are unable to talk freely about your sexual concerns and expectations, seek advice from a professional couples counselor. 

  • Anxiety/Depression

Anxiety and depression also cause erectile dysfunction as it affects an individual both physically and psychologically. Following are some common symptoms of anxiety and depression:

  • Tiredness or lack of energy
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Feeling tense, nervous, or restless
  • Trouble thinking and concentrating
  • Lack of interest in all or most of the activities
  • Frustration, anger outbursts, and irritability
  • Constant thoughts of worry

These symptoms can reduce your sexual desire and affect your body’s natural ability to perform as it should – this includes erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, certain medications often used to relieve stress, depression, or anxiety can also contribute to low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

  • Low self-esteem

There’s a strong link between erectile dysfunction and low-self-esteem, and that’s pretty obvious. When a man is not able to obtain or sustain erections, most of the time he wishes to engage in sexual drive, he begins to lose his confidence and self-esteem. If there’s a negative perception about one-self, it will display itself in several ways in your life, including your sex life.

  • Guilt

When you are unable to please your partner, you will have feelings of guilt or shamefulness, which may cause or worsen your erectile dysfunction. So, try to remain as calm and confident as you can.

  • Relationship problems

Busy schedules, family problems, stress or pressure from your partner, abusive relationships, lack of communication, low sexual desire, and many other life stressors can negatively impact your sex life. Try to communicate more and spend time with your partner – this will help fix your relationship conflicts and improve erectile dysfunction. To buy This medicine at a Cheap rate and Good Quality Visit our site genericvilla.com


  • Pornography addiction

Spending enormous time watching porn and masturbating can make you have unrealistic expectations from sex and your partner. So if you have a pornography addiction, kindly limit the amount of pornography consumption for each week.




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